The digest of fresh materials from the world of the front-end for the last week No. 308 (March 26 - April 1, 2018)

    We bring to your attention a selection with links to new materials from the frontend area and around it.

    No, we do not stop working on front-end digests (at least in the near future), as you might think . However, in every joke there is only a fraction of the joke. About children, enthusiasm and lack of time was written quite sincerely. Finding 6-8 hours of personal time per week is becoming increasingly difficult, but for now, we will continue. Thanks to our readers for the words of support and thanks in the comments under the previous post and in PM. Actually, this motivates us to continue.

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    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 46 - Vitaly Green about Yandex React and the Alpha Lab experiment
    podcastWeb Standards podcast, Issue No. 114: Mozilla Safari 11.1 and 20 years old, CSS specialties and W3C trust, display: contents nuances, text alignment, ES-modules are here, the latest WebStorm, React v16.3.0, V8 and web sockets in Node.js, a picture of the industry.
    podcastPodcast “devschacht”: Night Frontend # 28: CodeFest 2018. Day One
    podcastPodcast “Frontend Youth (18+)” # 43 How to understand that you are a sucker if you are dumb
    podcastPodcast Debriefing, Episode 156 - RP: Frontend - JavaScript and memasics
    video"ALL YOUR HTML" # 42:“3d Emoji animation on the GPU and sines”
    videoJavaScript fwdays'18 , 22 videos from a conference recently held in Kiev
    videoResults of PiterJS 23 (ITGM 12) : video, slides and photos from the event

    Web development

    habrHow to become a front-end developer in 2018
    habrNative validation as a framework. Lecture in Yandex
    Front-end debugging: HTML / CSS
    Google announced a wide launch of priority indexing of mobile pages
    enpwaProgressive Web Apps: filling the gap between the web and mobile applications
    enpwaProgressive Web Apps on iOS is already here
    enAdding favicons in a multi-browser multi-platform world
    enCreating convenient and accessible data tables, a detailed article on inclusive-components


    CSS-2018: W3C chooses what features it is time to give a “green light”
    enWork with the new CSS Typed Object Model
    enHow display: contents works;
    enUnderstanding logical properties and values ​​in CSS
    enTrimming the negative effects of Line Height on typography
    enExperimenting with CSS writing-mode
    enFocusing on styles for focus
    enSolved using CSS! SVG Backgrounds Colorization
    enPowerful Layouts with CSS Variables + CSS Grid


    enGoogle has published a JavaScript style guide. Here are a few key lessons from there
    enOptimization of third-party scripts - ways that can improve their performance
    enJavaScript in 14 minutes : a small interactive guide that will help to help key aspects of JavaScript
    enUnit testing in JavaScript


    Mozilla offers Facebook Container - an extension for Firefox that reliably isolates Facebook from other sites
    Google has released a beta version of Chrome 66
    How to create an extension for Chrome


    The spring update of the IDE WebStorm has been released
    The next rating of the most popular programming languages ​​for March 2018 has been published
    • The Mozilla project is 20 years old
    Google: after work to improve the quality of the site do not expect results immediately
    I am a mediocre developer (how to deal with this)
    Neural the network learned to come up with April Fool’s jokes
    Opinion: how society will change when there will be AI everywhere
    A selection of April Fool’s jokes from IT companies
    A selection of April Fool’s jokes in 2018
    Ducks, memes and horns What are the companies on April 1?

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