FastTrack Training. "Network Basics." "The Value of Cisco Security Products." Eddie Martin December 2012

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About a year ago, I noticed an interesting and fascinating series of lectures by Eddie Martin, which is incredibly intelligible, thanks to its history and real life examples, as well as colossal experience in teaching, which allows us to gain an understanding of rather complex technologies.

We continue the cycle of 27 articles based on his lectures:

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04/05: “Fundamentals of Switching or Switches” Part 1 / Part 2
06: “ Switches from Cisco ”
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08/09:“ Basics of a wireless LAN ” Part 1/ Part 2
10: “Products in the area of ​​wireless LANs”
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12: “The basics of routing”
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15/16: “Basics of data centers” Part 1 / Part 2
17: “Equipment for data centers”
18: “The value of Cisco in data centers”
19/20/21: “Fundamentals of telephony” Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3
22: Cisco Collaboration Products
23:“Cisco Collaboration Product Value”
24: “Security Essentials”
25: “Cisco Security Software Products”
26: “Cisco Security Product Value”
27: “Understanding Cisco Architectural Games (Overview)”

And here's the twenty-sixth of them.

FastTrack Training. "Network Basics." "The Value of Cisco Security Products." Eddie Martin December 2012

We use the technique known to you and divide the board into two parts - security and security from Cisco. What do customers think about security?

Safety primarily concerns CXO, the managers responsible for working together or interacting with the company. Therefore, often you should talk about security with these people.

They control the process of data exchange and what is happening on the network, what is needed for the effective interaction of people and products, because this is an important financial aspect of the company.

Do you know that the TJ Maxx department store chain has lost 250,000 credit card numbers for its customers? The company's network was attacked, as a result of which hackers received data on transactions with cards of almost 45 million customers. Surely this data leak occurred through their employees. Their security was based on wireless devices, but what was good in 1998 was no longer suitable for 2002. And they could not stop trading operations, as this would lead to the collapse of the business.

Such cases are well known to CXO and they understand their danger, because half or even most of the success of the company is provided by the brand reputation, brand image. Distrust of reputation leads to huge losses.

The second aspect that CXO is concerned about security issues is the safety of information and its veracity. After all, they sign reports with data that is sent upstairs to the “big boss”, and if something is wrong with this data, they will immediately lose their job. Before signing a document or report, the CRL asks CIO: “Can I not be afraid to sign this? Because of this, they will not put me in jail? ” Therefore, they must “keep the tools in place,” and Cisco helps them.

Next, we write down the item “Promotion of the goal”. This is facilitated by the introduction of new technologies, new ways of doing business, hundreds of people in black hats are constantly doing this. And in third place is the “Data” item, the safety of which is important for the client.

Let's move on to Cisco. We have products that integrate security solutions. They do not need to be protected additionally, they already have protection inside. These are special applications that are used to address specific security aspects. We can protect your Internet connection, mail and so on. We invest heavily in security.

Next, Cisco offers the customer cloud solutions. It is very economical. We can host security software in the Cloud or use a hybrid approach to security. We use ASA on our site and when we need to go to an external site, it puts it in the Cloud and so extends the action to the Internet. Therefore, the same security policies apply within and outside our network. This is important for customers, because they may not post it on their website, but use the Cloud. We can do the same with a firewall.

The following are services and technical support. We have very good security partners. Cisco does not directly develop security technologies, for this we have partners. These are small partners with little practice and “gold” partners that cover all areas of security. They sell us certain solutions, we use them. You could say that Cisco peeks over their shoulders or vice versa - who knows?

And the last point, as usual, is followed by Cisco's investment.

We had one client who conducted numerous clinical trials, and he wanted to take part in a tender for a contract with a major pharmaceutical manufacturer. The condition for concluding the contract was the purchase of equipment for research safety of 350 thousand dollars, so the client was forced to buy it in order to participate in the tender. So, we opened him a line of credit and provided a loan, and he won this contract. Our client took into account the cost of purchased equipment in the cost of clinical trials, which lasted two years, and recouped its costs so that he did not have to pay 350 or 400 thousand dollars immediately, taking into account interest, he repaid the loan on a monthly basis. So Cisco capital also plays an important role in security matters.


FastTrack Training. "Network Basics." Understanding Cisco Architectural Games (Overview). Eddie Martin December, 2012

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