Hackathon and game jam in Yekaterinburg

    So popular! Much people! Wow! Registration closed March 29th.

    Do you dream of making a game with your own rules and a bomb plot? Tired of waiting for Half-Life 3 and watching the battle royale tear apart the game industry? Then sign up for the Contour hackathon and do something truly explosive! Hurry up, March 29 at exactly midnight (Moscow time) we will closeturn into a pumpkinregistration. On April 7 and 8, you will have 27 hours of continuous work on your own project, an acquaintance with the coolest developers of the city and a team mess for prizes.

    We will not limit it to either genre or technology. Want a Super Mario on Mars? Forward! Do you like collectible card games? Act! No matter how woolen a wolf you are, it will be difficult to sew a cool project in a day. Even if you distinguish Defold, Corona, Unity and Unreal Engine from each other. Therefore, other developers, game analysts, designers will help you - the hackathon will be a team. If you have a proven team - take everyone with you. Not everyone can hang out in our office development on the Broad River. And you can!

    Our previous hackathon was cool.

    We took care of the transfer, we will pick everyone from the metro station Geological and then we will return it as it was. You can also use your car, we have parking for 500 cars - choose any one. You won’t distract your hungry stomach - the first, second, and compote have already been ordered and paid for, and there’s no need to talk about coffee breaks and cookies. “I need to rest, sleep, think about life ...” - you say. Not a problem, we all arranged! Will soft sofas and sleeping places, like mom's handles, fit?

    Doubt it? And do not hesitate, register and come ! Because we already bought cool prizes and want to get rid of these huge boxes as soon as possible. And subscribe to our channel in the Telegram , if you do not want to miss all the teasers.

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