Welcome to Badoo PHP Meetup April 7th

    UPD Places already snapped up, but there will be a broadcast. We will send invitations to participants soon!

    Hello, Habr! It seems that astrologers announced a week of PHP mitaps in April :)

    On April 7 we will hold the first Badoo PHP Meetup in the Moscow office of the company!

    We are hopelessly in love with PHP, for many years we have been contributing to its development and we invite everyone interested to chat and spend Saturday with benefit in a pleasant atmosphere. The program has four reports and discussions over a cup of coffee, and afterparty. For those who are not in Moscow, there will be a broadcast, and we will also publish recordings of performances.

    Address: Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 2 (metro Trubnaya)
    The reports will begin at 12:00
    Registration here
    Broadcast will be on our websiteYouTube channel and VK and FB groups . We will publish records in the same place and on Habré.

    What's in the program:

    - “We analyze the code with PHPStan”

    Nikita Sapogov, Citylink, teamlead

    Nikita will share the experience of using the PHPStan static analyzer in a large project. Let's see how PHPStan finds problem areas in the code and unobvious errors, making life easier for the team. Consider the errors that PHPStan caught using the Badoo service as an example, and also arrange a strength test: we dig together in the code and find the error that PHPStan missed. The report will be useful to teams and team leaders who want to improve the quality of the code and at the same time reduce the time for review.

    - “Profiling PHP code in Badoo: XHProf aggregator”

    Grigory Kuzovnikov, Badoo, PHP-developer

    Grigory will tell you why the code needs to be periodically profiled, and how to do it with XHProf. He will also explain why the functionality of the original XHProf is not enough, and will show our solution - XHProf aggregator - which gives an order of magnitude more features. The report will be useful to anyone who is looking for a suitable project tool or uses XHProf, but is not very happy with it.

    - “Secure Interoperability in Distributed Systems”

    Alexey Solodky, Badoo, PHP-developer

    In the era of microservices, the problem of distributed interaction between different parts of the infrastructure is becoming increasingly acute. Alexey will tell you how to provide secure synchronous communication between a monolith in PHP and a bunch of different services. Consider the main problems and solutions.

    - “In the case of API apocalypse, use GraphQL!”

    Kirill Nesmeyanov SerafimArts The

    report is devoted to the problem of current API implementations, GraphQL server technology stack theory as a “silver bullet” in solving problems, as well as GraphQL SDL language and its development in the form of a dialect in the framework of the Railt framework .

    During breaks, you can see the Badoo office.

    Do not forget to register and wait for confirmation. Please indicate your first and last names as in your passport. We will begin to meet guests at 11:00, come have a drink of coffee before the start and take better places!

    Address: Moscow, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 2, BC “Legend of Tsvetnoy”, entrance A. Metro: Trubnaya / Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Bring some identity document with you.

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