Create an iOS stopwatch on React-Native (subtitles)

Original author: React Native Academy
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Hello, Habr! Subtitles for a very simple React Native tutorial are ready, in which the development of the Stopwatch application will be considered. The basis was a stopwatch on iOS.

This video does not need subtitles as much as it does not need audio. Everything is extremely simple, clear and slow on the screen. Not surprisingly, a tutorial for beginners.

However, if you want to understand the author’s comments, subtitles will be very helpful.


06:16 Styles in RN

14:20 Create a round button

21:21 work with scroll ( ScrollView )

30:49 conditions in styles

34:59 Finished work on the "static" version of the application

39:07 Make the button transparent when pressed ( TouchableOpacity )

43:21 We found out that there are two problems: inscriptions jump (layout), 0 is not displayed in front in numbers up to 10.

47:20 Draw other buttons when the timer is on

54:10 Solving the problem of resetting the main timer. Summing time with reduce

01:01:27 JavaScript Purification interval when unmounting ( unmount ) component

01:02:03 Running on Android

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