The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 245 (March 12 — March 18)

    The holidays are all over and now we have a lot of interesting materials in the digest - about the success of the California roll, the right animation, the fight against Siri inside Apple, cross-platform development, juniors and middles.

    People do not want something really new - they want the usual, but done differently

    I must admit that bento lunch is hardly a source of serious business lessons. However, let's take a look at the California roll - understanding the impact of this iconic Japanese dish can help lead your product to success and avoid failure.

    How to make a good UI animation great

    In the material, the translation of which we are publishing today, designer Pablo Stanley offers several recommendations for animating microinteractions in the user interface.

    Seven years of throwing: how Siri became a problem

    Seven years later, Siri became a problem. It is because of it that the Apple smart speaker does not sell so well, despite the excellent design and sound quality. The Information spoke to several former Apple employees who were responsible for creating Siri or integrating it into the ecosystem.

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    • (+31) How to adapt the game on Unity for iPhone X by April
    • (+11) How to make friends Siri and Xiaomi
    • (+7) Security basics: Keychain and Hashing
    How to create a form for registering and entering an iOS application in 15 minutes
    Apple opened registration at WWDC
    Avoiding interface errors in iOS 11
    How it all started: ten years of the iPhone SDK
    imageMaking a stopwatch on Swift
    imageBest iOS hacks from Twitter in January and February
    imageJPEG decoding in UIImageView
    imageTrust: Ethereum wallet and Web3 DApp browser for iOS


    • (+29) Guide to background work in Android. Part 3: Executors and EventBus
    • (+12) Google leanback - big brother care
    How the size of the APK depends on the application development method
    Android Wear turns into Wear OS
    What is GraphQL and how to use it in Android
    imageExploring Android P: cutouts on the screen
    imageCrop images from custom Glide Transformation
    imageWho will steal Android from Google?
    imageCode Clean-up with Kotlin
    imageProfilo: monitoring application performance from Facebook
    imageStop putting conditions in your View models
    imageCritical errors in Android development
    imageAndroid Context needs isolation
    imageTensor & Flow: TensorFlow and machine learning on Android
    imageWhat is Zygote! ?
    imageGoogle Play Console Guide
    imageChoose Kotlin for your next Android project
    imageWe speed up the application with Android Profiler
    imagejson-2-kotlin: JSON to Kotlin data class converter


    • (+100) Yandex opens Alice for all developers
    • (+49) How to try on the crown
    • (+24) Native or not? 4 myths about cross-platform development
    • (+13) Mobile 3D game on Unity3D in less than 90 hours
    • (+12) Designing habits, UX-trends and UX-career. Interview by Brian Pagan
    • (+4) Notes on meeting the requirements of VR platforms
    Why you should not be a junior developer
    News for busy people: UI / UX study for The New York Times app
    Google Maps can be used in games
    Facebook Instant Games opened for all developers
    Podlodka # 50: Kotlin and Swift
    326 days of work on a large release for 3 million users
    Supernova turns Sketch layouts into native code
    What they do, where they work and what they love developers: 2018 Stack Overflow study
    CinemaTinder, or how to save humanity from the pangs of choosing films
    Google Summer of Code announces a new set of students
    AppTractor podcast: Flutter
    image2017 Full Indie Summit video
    imageCryptocurrency cost tracker on Flutter
    image620+ free courses for March
    imageTools for Xamarin development
    imageEnd of dispute: does a startup need to make an iOS or Android application?
    imageIonic vs React Native: which is better?
    imageMobile design trends 2018
    imagePlex: a new font from IBM

    Analytics, marketing and monetization

    “Social experience that everyone can understand”: 500K users for Volley voice games
    AdMob has rewarded gaming ads
    Game of Whales improves game monetization with through machine learning
    App Annie: 2017 gaming industry overview
    CARE model: onboarding as a single system
    imageAnalysis of 3,300 banners from the Google Play Store

    AI, Devices, IoT

    • (+43) Reinforced coffee machine
    • (+14) First steps in machine learning
    • (+12) Web-controlled devices
    • (+11) How to write quickly and roll out a machine learning algorithm into production
    DeepLab on Tensorflow describes photos
    Biased algorithms: job loss is not the most important problem in the development of artificial intelligence
    Internet of things digest: February 2018
    AVA: the art and science of image search in Netflix
    Intel is fighting for the future

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