Telegram bot "Easy VIN" - checking the history of a car by VIN or state. number

    Recently I was faced with the need to check the history of a car when buying, having studied the market of suppliers of this service, I came to a disappointing conclusion.

    The essence of the problem

    All existing services for checking the history of a car have a number of common drawbacks:

    1) the report arrives in the mail after a long time, and when communicating with the seller, data on the history of the car is needed promptly

    2) there is no computer at hand when inspecting the car, so you need to install an application (which it is also necessary to periodically update), because using the site from your phone is inconvenient

    3) inconvenient payment methods

    4) high price

    5) there is more or less convenient AvInfoBot, but for one-time requests it is extremely financially unprofitable and is suitable only for resellers who buy a monthly subscription for 1,500 ₽

    6) services that they sell data for relatively adequate money, provide little information and force you to enter captcha of different types and several times.


    Not finding a convenient and cheap service to check the history of cars by VIN or state. number, I decided to make my own - Telegram-bot "Easy Win", which lacks all of the above disadvantages.

    The bot can not yet check the right-hand drive car, but I'm working on it.

    After entering VIN or state. numbers:

    After payment you will receive a report of the following type:

    It should be noted that the native Telegram payment system is used for payment.
    The cost of the service is 60 ₽, Telegram does not allow less.

    Telegram bot “Easy VIN”

    Example report

    Website with information about Telegram bot

    Price and data comparison with competitors

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