Auto Redial: Good and Evil

We must admit that our previous material , to put it mildly, did not make a splash. Firstly, the topic is so toxic to Russian realities that all participants in the discussion naturally tried on the result of the operation of such an instrument for themselves, and in the very application where the dialer really looks like a means of almost aggressive flooding. Moreover, you don’t need to imagine anything: almost everyone has experience of such “marketing” influence. Secondly, it was hard to pretend that it was almost an innovative, independent tool in marketing and sales.

Of course, modern Automated Dialing Systems is just an improved old good-quality dialer from the 80s of the same past century. Yes, due to the fact that the tool has been transferred to the software environment, it has become more intelligent, for example, a variety such as the Predictive dialer has appeared - but ... However, we will refrain now from referring to some new evidence of the technological process, while the whole idea continues to look like a devilish machine in hands of villains.

Everything has its place and time

In fact, none of the hotly responded to the article in our opinion and does not look like those who should have been on the list of this "ringing machine". In our view, Auto-Dial in the commercial field is, for the most part, a tool for automating communications in B2B sales. This is the first. And secondly, yes, we, of course, are for the country to have effective legislation on regulating relations between consumers and sellers using automatic redial, as in some countries. Thirdly, we agree that outbound sales have really begun to concede quite a long time to the scale of new types of buyer-seller relations and technological means of inbound sales. But while in B2B, they are somehow being abandoned a little. And this may seem surprising, but a lot is still being decided on the phone. Stakeholders and people

We are talking about increasing the productivity of sales, when there is a business process that attracts dozens of requests through the same digital marketing, and there are confirmed phone numbers of decision-makers in businesses who themselves expect to be contacted for consultations. And there’s a seller who, out of 60 minutes of time, spends 15 minutes directly on negotiations, and the rest on dialing, searching and entering information in CRM, transferring calls due to busy people on the other end of the line and redialing ... Why not make life easier for everyone?

Supplement, not the main tool

Ideally, efforts in "outbound sales" should be in addition to the well-built process of "inbound sales", and it is clear that not in any industry. The seller in such an organization does not take primary lead generation activities, but turns to companies that have already received some individual information, at least there are strong assumptions that the seller has value for this particular company in the form of a new product (version) or service and it is possible to establish contact with people who make decisions in this area.

Of course, the rules of good taste, taking care of one’s own image and respect for people with whom they may build a long-term relationship, will require the right timing of the call and the right script, where at the very beginning you need to make sure that the addressee is comfortable, and he generally ready to listen to you. But in practice, of course, they often “download” the databases bought anywhere and automatically into software systems for automatic mailing of letters and automatic dialing and launch such a “successful innovative sales process”.

Among our customers using the dialer functionality, there are companies that process up to hundreds of applications per day from businesses whose representatives first want to discuss some individual parameters of their request before entering the formalized exchange of documents and going through the process of signing contracts and ordering. We will not argue that auto-dialing for them is the main tool of work. However, when there are really many applications, the call center gets the opportunity to quickly and efficiently communicate with leads, capturing the necessary information in CRM.

We urge you to consider dialer as a possible element in a wide range of strategies and tools, which can serve to a greater extent as a means of optimizing the work of operators / sales rather than being considered as a sales tool. For more information about this function, leave a request on website .

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