The crash in the CenturyLink Data Center has caused disruptions in the 911 service

    The accident, the removal of which took more than a day, caused disruptions in the work of many services throughout the United States. In some regions, it was impossible to reach the emergency services on 911 from the mobile operators AT & T and Verizon. There were also problems with cash withdrawals from ATMs, the lottery was disrupted and one of the hospitals could not access the medical records of patients.

    It is not known for certain what caused the failure, because Company CenturyLink does not provide any technical details, limited only by tweet .

    Engineers and technicians at CenturyLink have identified a network element that has impacted customer service and solved the problem in order to restore services. We assume that the work of all services will be restored within four hours. We apologize to customers for any inconvenience caused.

    The authorities and local departments actively used social networks and shared regional emergency numbers. Also advised to send SMS messages to the number 911 , if necessary. At the same time calls from city numbers worked properly.

    Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission Adzhid Pai (Ajit Pai) said that such delays are unacceptable and instructed the Commission to start an investigation .

    Brief description of problems that have arisen due to CenturyLink failure:

    • The number 911 is sometimes unavailable in Arizona, Idaho, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Washington. The Massachusetts State Emergency Management Agency used the EAS emergency alert system to send a message .

      Accidental outages of 911 continue. In an emergency, if 911 does not work, use the local 10-digit number to call the police / fire department.
    • Northern Colorado Medical Center could not access patient records. It was necessary to postpone the technology for a while and switch to writing with pen and paper.
    • Telephone service did not work in the Department of Correctional Institutions and the Idaho State Department of Education, and the Internet did not work on computers in a public library .
    • The Idaho lottery was temporarily unable to sell tickets, check and pay for winning applications.
    • Verizon Cellular has experienced service interruptions in Albuquerque and parts of Montana.
    • ATMs did not work in Idaho and Montana.

    The network is actively advancing conspiracy theories due to the explosion of a transformer in Queens on the same day. Some believe that this is a planned cyber attack.

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