JS 2018 results and forecasts for the future


At the end of the year, I decided to think what awaits the JS developer in the New 2019 and take stock of this year.

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For a start, I propose to recall what happened this year in the world of Javascript.

First of all, I would like to highlight the release Ecmascript 2018 (the article on the medium in Russian ).

It added a lot of cool stuff, I want to highlight rest / spread and support for asynchronous iterations. JS is becoming more like a Python, borrowing from him the best features.

By the way, about Python. Everyone knows that it is actively used for data analysis and machine learning. So, the outgoing 2018 has pleased Javascript developers with the release of numjs (port of python numpy) and tensorflowjs .

And this is very cool! I think that in 2019 we will have even more interesting releases related to data analysis on JS.

Even this year, we watched the opposition React vs Vue.js.

Google trends says that Reactjs was searched more often than vuejs:

React developers are more in demand in the labor market:


Whether vue will succeed in catching up with the 2019 reactor will only time show.

Angular, too, should not be written off, because behind it is Google and a lot of sites are written on it. As a result, all three frameworks are in demand, but the leader is, in my opinion, React.

In the world of server-side JS, there have also been changes - first of all, these are nodejs and npm releases, of course. The most interesting, in my opinion, are the release of Node 10 and NPM6 with it
(here is the article ). N-API stabilization and improved support for new features is very cool!

This year, Typescript finally hit the TOP100 in the TIOBE ranking. I think in the coming year his popularity will continue to grow.

I would also like to mention the release of Webpack 4 and beta of Webpack 5, support for Typescript in create-react-app from version 2 and release of electron 3 and 4.

As a result, the JS world was actively developing in 2018, interesting new releases came out and I can assume that 2019 will be more interesting).

Happy New Year to all habrovchan!

In the new year, write a good code, do not be ill and write good articles on Habr.

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