Seven free automated platform-task book for pumping programming skills

    Hello! Recently made a selection of free services for learning programming from scratch . In the comments received a lot of interest to us platforms. Of these, made a separate list of those that are suitable for professional programmers.


    The project from Ukraine “Chekio” is focused on Python and JavaScript. This is a collection of game programming tasks for those who are no longer a beginner. Great emphasis on gamification, nice graphics and community communication. In the solution of the tasks of the game process is not, but there is a common scenario for the passage of the platform. A useful feature is to look at other solutions and tell students how to improve them.



    Collection of programming tasks in different languages. The purpose of the service is to prepare programmers for the tasks that are found in the interview. The platform immediately gives feedback on the correctness and effectiveness of the solution, shows solutions and allows you to discuss them with other participants. In the paid version, you can pass an automated interview in Google, Facebook or Amazon: the robot will pick up questions, catch the time and even help to evaluate.



    The famous American project includes “chellendzhi”, competitions, vacancies, leaderboards and assistance in preparing for the interview. Many thematic tutorials in the style of "30 Days of Code" or "10 Days of Statistics".

    Assignments are divided by specific skills: algorithms, data structures and mathematics. Tasks can be solved in most popular languages: C ++ / #, Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Kotlin and others. Hackerrank also publishes annual research on the subject of popular technologies and education in programming .


    A cool platform with tasks for algorithms of different levels of complexity. You can create clans, invite friends and organize competitions. Suitable for honing skills and additional practice. Gamification in the style of karate: “Kyu” rises for completing tasks, the practice is called “Kata”, there is also “Kumite” for sharing code in sparring style: each one fixes bugs and refactor code alternately.


    Codebattle is a Hexslet community project. The name speaks for itself: you and the opponent are given the task, choose the language and decide. You see the opponent's code in real time, test run results and can chat with him and the audience in the chat. Whoever first solves the problem (passes the tests) - he won.

    Still known services:

    Kaggle . Platform for data scientists and machine learning specialists. Offers open datasets and contests from companies with prize funds.

    Codeforces . The project is focused on olympiad tasks, publishes news from ACM ICPC and is supported by Telegram.

    Share in the comments what platforms, problem books you use and what they like. Interesting services will add to this post.

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