Digest news from the world of PostgreSQL. New Year's Eve (shortened) issue №13

    We continue to introduce you to the most interesting news on PostgreSQL. In this New Year's Eve issue we will not bore you with a long list of news. Happy New Year!


    pgAdmin4 3.6 Added

    in this version :

    • from the Properties panel you can drop several objects at the same time;
    • can be imported from and exported to server definitions from the database and into the configuration database.

    pgpoolAdmin 4.0.2

    can be downloaded here , as well as numerous previous versions.

    dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL v2.0

    This time devart released Studio with Standard edition, which has functionality not included in the free version of Express. 30 days can use the Standard edition for free. About the differences between Standard and Express can be read here .


    Released new version of PostgreSQL extension of the Postgres Professional for efficient execution of vector operations.

    pg_probackup 2.0.25

    New version of the utility for backup and recovery, also from Postgres Professional

    pgCluu 2.9 A

    new version of this program Perlfor auditing the performance of clusters with PostgreSQL can be downloaded here . pgCluu collects statistics not only on the DBMS, but also on the cluster system resources.

    postgres_dba 4.0

    Released new version of the utility Nicholas Samohvalova to administer PostgreSQL. There are three new reports in it: a list of extensions, setting PostgreSQL and Vacuum parameters: what is happening right now. And, of course, improvements and corrections.


    Tutorial "Fundamentals of database technology"

    Following the tutorial «PostgreSQL. The Basics of the SQL Language ”the first part of the textbook B.A. Novikova Basics of database technology . The textbook can be purchased at the publishing house DMK Press , online stores ozon.ru , Labirint.ru and retail book networks. In PDF format, the first part of the book can be downloaded freely from the Postgres Professional website . The second part of the book is being prepared for publication. The textbook covers database theory, methods and algorithms used in the implementation of the DBMS, as well as their features in the PostgreSQL system.

    Articles and blogs

    Benchmark PostgreSQL With Linux HugePages

    Ibrar Ahmed (Ibrar Ahmed) shares in Percona blog the results of PostgreSQL testing with Linux HugePages. Testing was conducted on a 2-socket machine with SSD using pgbench. The article describes both the operating system parameters and the PostgreSQL 11 parameters.

    Threaded Postgres

    Bruce Momjian (Bruce Momjian) in his own blog talks about the impressive experimental work of Konstantin Knizhnik ( Postgres Professional). These are attempts to move from processes to threads. Benefits begin to affect when the number of simultaneous requests exceeds one hundred. The development of these works can be the development of an integrated puller.


    FOSDEM PGDay 2019

    One-day conference will be held in the capital of Belgium on February 1.

    PgConf.Russia 2019

    This conference will be held February 4-6 at the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University. The conference program can be found here .

    Prague PostgreSQL Developer Day 2019

    P2D2 2019 in Prague will be held on February 13-14.

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