Life at 6200 DPI. HyperX Pulsefire Core Review

    Hello! Reviews often compare cyber mice with weapons, and this is not just a beautiful phrase. To some extent, even the arms market itself is similar to the market for gaming accessories. There are many of them, they are unlike each other, and different players choose different management styles. Accordingly, the mice are also chosen very different.

    It is especially interesting when it comes to sensor resolution. You may be surprised, but real cybersportsmen do not always choose the maximum resolution of 16000 DPI and a bunch of extra buttons. Someone plays at 6200 DPI, and someone generally lowers the sensor frequency to 800 DPI and distributes headshots, like gingerbread on a children's matinee. Each resolution has its advantages, and, frankly, not all players can realize high resolution.

    Therefore, there is a direct sense not to chase after cosmic numbers, but to get acquainted with a very interesting new gaming mouse HyperX Pulsefire Core . It is universal, has a sensor at 6200 DPI and a necessary set of hardware buttons. The price tag is very tasty. That is, it is a kind of analogue of the Kalashnikov assault rifle in the world of eSports. Maybe not M 16, but who even needs M 16 when there is a Kalash?

    Who is who in the HyperX pack

    HyperX Pulsefire Core is the most affordable and versatile model from the current HyperX line that will suit all types of players and all game genres. This wired rodent is the smallest and easiest in the HyperX pack that most players will definitely like. Seven Pulsefire Core buttons can be reprogrammed as you like. There is a cool RGB backlight, which can also be customized to suit your taste preferences. Please note that we are looking at the most affordable model, but its illumination surpasses the more expensive Pulsefire FPS in almost all parameters and is second only to the “heavy artillery” - Pulsefire FPS Pro and Pulsefire Surge. Here is an interesting solution within the HyperX line.

    For the movement of the cursor meets the quality sensor Pixart PAW3327, known for its accuracy. The main TTC switches are designed for 20 million clicks, which, when translated into human language, means several years of trouble-free work even for the most avid player.

    For convenience, all models of HyperX Pulsefire mice are summarized in one table of characteristics. It clearly shows that if you compare HyperX Pulsefire Core with Kalashnikov, this is clearly not the level of the ancient AK-47. Rather, something in the spirit of new developments, with a lightweight design, collimator sights, tactical flashlights and other bells and whistles. That is, "affordable", but not "budget."

    Pulsefire Core, what are you?

    In our hands we have a medium-sized mouse, the body of which is assembled from three types of plastic. The sides of the rough rough to better lay in his hand. The upper part is made of practical matte, and there are still beautiful glossy inserts. The mouse fits nicely into a medium sized hand. At the same time, any type of grip is convenient - keep it as you like. For the hands of a large and, conversely, a small size, the novelty is also suitable, it only takes some time to get used to.

    The cable is standard (1.8 meters) and enclosed in a strong fabric braid. That is, this mouse is so easy not to bite off the tail.

    As already mentioned, the mouse fits perfectly into the middle hand - fingers fall into the recesses on the main keys, and the thumb holds exactly on a pair of side buttons.

    Immediately talk about the RGB-illumination. It is, it can be customized (several modes and a huge number of colors are available) using proprietary software. At the same time, it cannot be called intrusive - only the HyperX logo is highlighted, which is closed by hand during operation. If you like the device without any backlight at all, then you can turn it off in a few clicks in the proprietary software.

    The sides of the case have a special texture that allows you to lift the mouse into the air without effort, although the center of gravity is slightly shifted towards the logo.

    The novelty is positioned as symmetrical. The shape of the case is identical on both sides.

    However, the side keys are located only on the left. On the right is the texture sidebar. Therefore, right-handers will have a small tactical advantage, although left-handers can try to train the little finger and also live through these buttons.

    The wheel has a relief made of rubber. The finger on it does not slip, the location is chosen very well. Closer to the center of the case two additional keys are implemented, which by default are responsible for switching between DPI modes. Maximum you can make a "ladder" of the five steps. Switching is carried out up and down - 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1.

    Pulsefire Core slides very easily on any surface - for this, two huge Teflon panels are implemented. In combination with low weight, the hand gets tired much slower than if we had several small legs and a heavier model.

    Opening the mouse is not the easiest way, but you do not need to do this - Teflon panels can not be replaced in their original state. Namely, under them, there are four screws securing the case.

    The main white switches are made by TTC and designed for 20 million clicks.

    All other switches are located on a separate printed circuit board and are labeled HCNH.

    The heart of the novelty is the Pixart PAW3327 optical sensor, which has a maximum resolution of 6200 DPI and no parasitic jitter of the cursor, acceleration and angular reference. For the vast majority of players absolutely any level of this will be enough.

    The mouse is running a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 processor (LPC11U14F), which has 32 KB of internal memory for storing settings. In this case, you can store one profile.

    And what about customization options?

    With this, everything is extremely simple - download the proprietary software HyperX NGenuity and customize the mouse as we like. By the way, firmware updates for all devices are periodically released, and NGenuity will regularly notify us about it.

    The update process will take less than a minute!

    Well, after that we will have access to all available settings. Unlike older models, you can create only one of your profile.

    Despite the fact that the Core model has a minimal backlight, the partition structure remains unchanged - the first of them just allows you to set the mode of operation and the color of the backlight of the logo.

    Below is a section for adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor. Here you need to choose the options that suit you, specify their number (from 1 to 5), and then switch between them with buttons located near the wheel.

    All buttons can be reassigned - write macros on them, set certain actions or functions.

    Measurements of all five profiles showed very good results - the movements were carried out as it was intended by you. Partially revealed dependence on the coating on which the mouse is located. But, if this is not a piece of plastic for a dollar, there will be no problem with the positioning of the cursor.

    What is the result?

    The HyperX Pulsefire Core game pad is notable for its excellent body ergonomics, convenient key layout, support for proprietary software, and unobtrusive backlighting. Not bad? Also, the novelty was convenient and easy to use, especially for right-handers. And with the help of NGenuity, each button can be customized for game needs. The sensor unconditionally listens to every movement of your hand, and its capabilities are enough for players of any level in any game. In general, Pulsefire Core eliminates the hardware problems of targeting and is flexible in configuration, so the analogy with the automatic is not accidental. With this mouse, you can actually mow your enemies in batches ... unless, of course, you practice. After all, we kill opponents not with a mouse, but with a heart, right?

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