Almost engineering approach to burger design

    I studied in an ordinary school - not in a gymnasium, and not in a profile school, but in the one where everyone has a chance to become not a lawyer or a second Descartes, but randomly by anyone. And in our class there was a talented chemist and mathematician Lesha. He could argue with the teacher to prove some kind of terribly complicated theorem and not go to a quarter for the lessons, then to show the world elegant evidence. It is clear that now it is a successful scientist living abroad. But we remember one New Year - when the modest and strict Lesha invited us all to his home. In the then Soviet apartment there was nothing special, except for coffee and small eclairs, which he prepared himself. I have been in different countries, I know in advance the best Moscow coffee houses, I discussed the terms of reference for the development in fashionable restaurants. But I have never met a more delicious coffee and more gentle and correct eclairs.

    Okay, google, where to buy such a set of spices?

    We found the explanation that evening when we saw how the next batch of coffee was being prepared: our classmate was ideally able to maintain the cooking temperature, carefully selected chocolate, everything was exactly the right measure. He explained: “For me, cooking is the same chemistry: reagents, proportions, catalysts and the ideal result as a goal. If you look at life processes scientifically or technically, they are performed much more accurately and accurately. ”

    And within our team RUVDSThis story has recently surfaced, which I told. And I thought that in general the process of cooking is very similar to the process of software development: the idea is the selection of the team and the choice of tools - the development of the prototype - testing - release - refactoring - the end of the life cycle. Well, since we’re at Habré’s main on burgers (and hosting, somehow immodest, really), then we decided to put our programmer’s brains together and talk with the chef of Burger Heroes to find out if there are any similarities between software development and dishes, and what it is, burger cuisine from the inside. Let's go straight in stages.

    The idea and design of the product

    In software development, everything starts with an idea. At first, you think that you have invented an application or software that will conquer the world without requiring a single ruble of investments. Behind the euphoria, disappointment inevitably comes, because Google says that there are 7 million of such applications. This should not stop.

    Do you know why? Because once you have a need for this program, the desire to develop it, it means that you have not met the very convenient, fast, with a stunning interface. Only one conclusion: to study the market and do something very cool. After all, we know how many project management systems, instant messengers and even social networks in the world, but sooner or later “the very thing” appears, and it comes to be replaced even cooler. Therefore, the idea should be dissected and go into the plan, plan, project, and then in MVP.
    Google is the main development partner

    In the same way with burgers - if everyone thought there was a McDonald’s and nobody would be interested in staying on a hundred burger, then we would never have tried so many different, amazing and surprising tastes.

    And of course, there is no way out without experience and the team - alas, there is no warrior in IT alone. Although sometimes it seems completely different.

    - How would you continue the phrase “It all started with“ ... ”.” Where did you study?

    - He graduated from culinary college, specialty technician-technologist. In 2000, after the army, he went to work as a bartender at the Moscow-Berlin coffee house, where he met Olga Korneeva, then worked as a bartender in the Zeppelin and Apriori clubs. Since 2003, he started working as a cook, in a small coffee shop on Tsvetnoy Boulevard (again with Olga), then there were several high-profile institutions, a six-month internship in Italy and a lot of interesting places.

    - Do future cooks teach subjects related to medicine, health, and nutritiology?

    - For novice chefs this is a required discipline.

    - What do you think is the basis of burger cooking?

    - The basis is a cutlet and a combination of tastes.

    - What are the main factors that play a role in the preparation of the product?

    - Honest approach to the original product, it should not be average, but the best!

    “Pizza is the food of the Neapolitan poor, the pies are known in the traditions of many nations, and they both conquered the world.” There is a feeling that the burger has bypassed the traditional pie for a long time and is ready to bypass the pizza. What are burgers, where did they go from? What is their killer feature?

    - I do not think so, because these are three products of different origin bearing the same goal - to satisfy hunger, and how much more refined it depends on the hands that prepared them.

    - Where do product mix ideas come from?

    - All ideas come after the task is set. For example, we recently made a burger for our partners from Tula. Well, it would seem that you can think of a burger for Tula? Tula, gingerbread, samovar, gun factories. As a result, a burger appeared with Belevskaya pastila sauce with caramelized apple, bacon and jam.

    - Black mamba, Baron Dupont, Agent 007, Nobel, Batman - this is a small part of the names of your burgers. Who comes up with names for burgers, where do insights come from?

    - The names we come up with our entire team.

    Tools and technologies

    I have seen a lot of distortions in terms of software: for example, application applications written for Assembler (they were impressively fast and with an awesomely scary interface), desktop programs in PHP and JS (you can think, I can surprise someone on Habré). They were generally functional, but to support and develop them is a real torture, legacy and other severe heredity.

    The success of a software product depends heavily on the stack of technologies that will be used in its development: this is speed, supported code, interface capabilities, and stability. If you choose the wrong language or the wrong DBMS, it will turn out ... just very bad software. Therefore, this stage takes a lot of time and requires careful verification of the expertise of the whole team.
    The secrets of a good code - what they look like in fact

    And now imagine a burger of stringy beef, sliced ​​with a blunt knife with a sauce mixed in an oxidized metal dish. It happens, but, as we found out, not in Burger Heroes.

    - How do you choose the chefs in the team, by what principle? What is especially important for you in an employee?

    - In any profession, responsibility, dedication and desire to develop are important. The guys come different, someone with experience, someone without, with each new employee a senior cook works, who explains all the subtleties and nuances.

    - How many people are involved in creating a burger and in its preparation? Are there disagreements about the composition of the product?

    - Usually, we do the work with our senior technologist, in the process we discuss how the product we create is more convenient to scale to the network. We hold tastings for the founders, where together we discuss whether the product is ready for launch.

    - How to find out if the components are combined, how the harmony of the composition is checked?

    - I am guided by my taste sensations.

    - Do computer technologies play any role in recipe development and burger preparation?

    - At this stage no.

    - How important is cooking utensils? What do the cooks prefer, what materials? Are there any special devices for making a burger and its components?

    - Cookware is a tool, it is either good or bad. We prefer high-quality dishes, frying surfaces and grills. Of course, we use cold-smoked technology, sous-vide, and shock freezing to make sauces and other ingredients.

    - Tell me, is scary E621, monosodium glutamate so? Does he have a place in the Burger Heroes menu?

    - This is a natural food additive derived from Kombu algae, but we are not on the way with it.

    Product development

    Software development, especially in a team, is not easy: all participants have different degrees of training, everyone wants to influence some properties of software, so you have to agree, develop a roadmap, plan a project. And we all know how many files can wait for us on the way. What are some crutches and bicycles that are embedded in the code as an exclusively temporary solution, and remain there forever. In addition, it is terrible to get some sudden drops and unhandled exceptions, and then get to the point in hundreds of thousands of lines of code.
    Well, what, the model of the black box in action

    . Unlike the developers, the cooks are in a more constrained situation - you need to act quickly, work only qualitatively and quickly give the decision in production.

    Agree, it would be strange to get a burger with a pancake instead of a bun or rye bread instead of a chop. Users of the software do not notice crutches, but consumers of tasty buns are worried about taste, mood and health.

    - Do the chef's own taste preferences influence the creation of a burger or other dish?

    - Of course.

    - Tell us about the most important and terrible pitfall in making a burger?

    - To overdry a cutlet.

    - Sauces - it seems that this is a link that claims to play the main role in the burger. How is the sauce chosen? Does it happen that spicy or sweet sauces mask not the most successful taste of products? Inside the burger heroes burgers sauces copyrighted or ready?

    - We cook all sauces on our own, at points or at the Kitchen Factory. Masking of not the most successful tastes or quality of products - this is not our history.

    - What oils are used for roasting and sauces?

    - Depends on the semi-finished product, it can be both sunflower and olive oil.

    - Do you make your own burger buns or do you buy semi-finished products?

    - Bunches bake us bakery, according to our technology.

    - Are fresh herbs, dried herbs and spices used? What are the most popular and most unusual spices?

    “We have a very extensive assortment of fresh herbs and salads, as well as dry spices. The most popular ... salt and pepper. Of the unusual, recently appeared Indian spice "Garam Masala." which I added to Van Lav with Avocado and Mango Burger and lemonade with Mango, Chili and Kumquat.

    - A little about the supply. Are there any problems with the purchase of vegetables in the winter, where and what kind of cheese do you take under the conditions of food sanctions?

    - No, there are no problems with suppliers. All products are legally imported into our country.

    - Is taste and good a tandem, compromise or struggle?

    - Tandem.

    Product testing

    As an experienced testing engineer, I’ll tell you all a secret: well, testers love their job very much. They feel like real ghostbusters, and here such a ghost busters bugs and glad that it is their work that polishes the product to a degree suitable for deployment on the client side. Testing, in fact, is the recognition of the viability of the product, its transfer into the hands of the most demanding and attentive users in the world - QA.

    Guys, in fact, it's just a comma like that. But you will learn about it later.

    In life, we are all a bit testers: we choose a new phone, try a new cafe, try on clothes, and ride test cars. Of course, burgers also have their own tests, after which the only acceptable mark should be passed.
    - Who takes samples with new products? How to evaluate the product?

    - We evaluate the product together with the chief technologist.

    - Are there any tests on the focus groups of ordinary visitors?

    - Yes, it happens, when developing a new burger, we give a few burgers to our guests and get comments, on the basis of which we make improvements, or leave everything as planned.

    - Tell us about the most proven burgers? What do visitors like best?

    - The most proven is Black Mamba with smoked bacon and cherry sauce , Agent 007 with tomatoes , pickled cucumbers, homemade ketchup and honey mustard sauce.

    - Do food preferences differ in areas of presence of Burger Heroes?
    - Of course (above was a cool story about a Tula burger - approx. auth. ).


    Everything, the development is suspended or continues in the new branch, testing is completed, the assembly is ready and it comes - the long-awaited and happy release. Now hundreds, thousands, and maybe millions of users will learn about your program. They will receive convenient software for their tasks and will thank, criticize, return for technical support. Now you are responsible not only for the idea, but also for the commercial unit and user experience.
    And in the burgers bugs are not allowed.

    Actually, the new burger appears on the menu with almost the same heavy sigh of relief and the victorious mental yesssss. (In both cases, the main thing is that without subsequent oooops).

    - Are there baby burgers on the menu? What is their difference?

    - There is a difference in the size of the bread and the weight of the chops.

    - How are relationships with vegetarians? What is a vegan burger?

    - Any burger from our line can be served with real chick patties, which we prepare in our Factory-kitchen.

    - Mushrooms are a very cool thing in winter. They nourish the brain and have a warming effect. Recently, together with RUVDS, you came up with a Super Mario burger for the Game Overnight tournament . What mushrooms were used to make burgers?

    - At the moment we use white mushrooms and champignons. For the "Super Mario" champignons were used.

    - In the networks of fast food on the boxes with burgers there is a mark "It is recommended to use on the territory of the enterprise." How many Burger Heroes burgers live outside the place and how many lose their taste, for example, if you drag them home and use it or, oh, horror, warm it up?

    - Recently, we launched delivery at some of our points, for it we specifically developed packaging that allows us to take our burgers home without disintegrating the bottom of the roll ( Friend, if you read this, hello to you - author's note ). Of course, the cutlet cools a little, but since by default, it is fried "medium", it is possible, if desired, to warm it up a little.

    - Is there a choice of ingredients in Burger Heroes, is it possible to collect your burger or exclude the unloved ones?

    - Of course, you can exclude or add any additional ingredient to your taste. But this is not always the right decision. because Our burgers are the final, harmonious product.

    - Edible gold in Tsar Burger is an intrigue. Is it real gold of some kind of nano thickness or edible imitation? Is it often ordered?

    - No, what an intrigue ?! Gold leaf is widely used in the design of desserts, etc. This is natural gold, which is rolled up to nano-thickness due to the peculiarities of this metal (plasticity and softness). And yes, he has his own audience.

    Refactoring, patches, feedback, philosophy

    Gradually, it is time to introduce something new into the software, edit the bugs from client incidents, disassemble tickets, in general, make the program optimized and up-to-date (alas, not everyone is alive and not everyone is eager for this, but in vain). The software gets adherents and haters, cluttered with philosophy (any! If you haven’t noticed this in yourself - you just don’t like your job). This is a time of failure and success, you are in the market, you are with users and you need to build a new ecosystem around software.


    In the case of burgers, the story is about the same. For example, Habraburger had his fans and those who feared chocolate and prunes among the ingredients. There will always be fans, loyal customers and critics - this should be treated as given. If your product totally praises everything - something is obviously wrong here: either these are all bought, or there are very few of them all ;-)

    - Has it ever happened that a rather successful burger doesn’t visit visitors and has to be excluded from the assortment?

    - I do not remember.

    - How often does the assortment change?

    - There are main "flagships" that are constantly on the menu.

    - What is the best way to drink a burger in terms of taste and in terms of benefits?

    - It can be two different drinks :-)

    - What will you have on the New Year's table?

    - I am a supporter of simple and understandable food at home. Several salads, cheese, meat.

    - Do you practice any kind of diet?

    - No, not sticking.

    - In the post about nutrition there were 353 comments. We have selected a few questions based on the discussion.

    What kind of food is cheese? Is it excess salt, excess fat or the most valuable food? Which cheeses are better for hot foods and sandwiches?

    - Cheese is definitely the most valuable food product. Variety - a matter of taste, most importantly, it must be natural.

    - Does Burger Heroes burgers use pork, lamb, chicken?

    - Yes, we have chicken cutlets, which we also produce ourselves.

    - What will happen if there is a burger every day?

    - He will get bored.

    - People with diabetes burgers will not harm?

    - This question must be answered by the attending physician. Everything is individual. If you take a cereal loaf, it will minimize the amount of fast carbohydrates and, it seems to me, it will not do any harm to any diabetic.

    - “The tiny slice of tomato or lettuce in a burger was not even worth mentioning - there is almost no fiber. In almost any burger almost no fiber, almost no vegetables, little protein. All that is there is fat and salt. ” This is a user quote. Tell us what's true, what's not.

    - Well, it's just a cry from the heart :-)

    - How big is the salt content in a burger?

    - 1-2% of the total mass of the product.

    Well, and the last ...

    - Great temptation to request - give us an idea of ​​dishes for the New Year's table!

    - Buy a good piece of meat on the market and delve into roast beef recipes. Several types of good farm cheese and homemade bread. As well as vegetables and fruits. Well, this is not to finish the New Year's Olivier in the morning :-)

    Dear friends, there are only a few days left until the new year. Let's relax a bit and share our ideas for the New Year's table in the comments so that it is not boring and monotonous - what is on the night of the 31st to the 9th? And in general, it is not clear how to live: put chicken or sausage in Olivier, make mackerel or herring under a fur coat, lower the degree, mezim or fest, do you have tangerines before, after or in the morning? Share recipes, tips and stories about the New Year's table!

    Happy friends!

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