Ilon Musk promises to cover Europe with the Tesla Supercharger network as early as next year

    One of the main problems in the popularization of electric vehicles is the lack of the necessary infrastructure. If there are not enough charging stations in a country or region, there can be no increase in sales. Who wants to get stuck in the car in the middle of the road, since the battery is dead?

    Ilon Musk, head of Tesla Inc, understands this like no other. Therefore, he tries to deploy networks of charging stations in various countries of the world. The following year, the entrepreneur promised to meet the needs of European owners of electric vehicles Tesla in charging stations at 100%.

    Musk announced this yesterday, answering a Twitter user’s question about the availability of charging stations for electric vehicles in Ireland. The head of Tesla Inc said that the Supercharger network, which allows you to charge an electric car battery by 80% in 40 minutes, will soon be deployed "from Ireland to Kiev, from Norway to Turkey."

    Mask's statement coincides with his earlier statements. In November, he said that the number of Supercharger will double in 2019. According to him, almost all Tesla owners will receive such stations in their region of residence.

    In principle, there is no doubt that the network is expanding. But there is a problem with the observance of the promised expansion rate. Previously, the company was already behind schedule. For example, in 2018, the number of charging stations was to reach 18,000. Unfortunately, at the time of publication, their number was 11,853. In 2017, the company also promised more than it could achieve.

    Nevertheless, the work on expanding the infrastructure of charging stations continues. By 2020, Tesla Supercharger should appear in Africa. True, it is unclear how much.

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