Toaster statistics for 2018

    Hello from the team "Toaster"! The year 2018 has passed and it is time to sum up. This year was rich in innovations, which we described in detail in our blog .

    Over the past year, users of the Toaster asked almost 100 thousand questions, gave 166 thousand answers and found more than 45 thousand solutions. In numbers, it looks like this:

    Last year we set the format for summing up and will stick to it. Here are the top 20 tags in 2018 by the number of questions asked:

    Javascript was again the most popular, with 12% of all questions asked. Web development has once again entered the top interests of users of the Toaster.

    But the distribution of questions and answers on these tags. Please note that a single question can have multiple tags at the same time.

    In 2018, for each question, on average, there were 1.7 answers, and solutions were found for 46% of the questions.

    The most popular question, which this year was signed by 100 people, was asked by Pavel Kalinin: “Layout from scratch: what are the main stages of work?”

    And the most popular answerVladimir Proskurin gave this question and received 99 Likes for it.

    The most questions (227) were asked by the user BonBonSlick . Last year, he was also the most active, although there were a lot more questions - 454.

    The most part of answers (2,345) was left by the user dimonchik2013 . And last year he was the most fruitful, he gave the most answers - 2347. Almost filigree accuracy!

    And the most solutions (1 193) were given by user 0xD34F . A year earlier, Stalker_RED took the first place in decisions and helped them 741 times with their answers.

    Congratulations on great results!

    Happy New Year! We wish you success in the new year from the whole Toaster team. And we, in turn, will continue to develop our service so that you can find answers to questions and help others find them.

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