Siberian support community: the beginning

    It was the usual morning of the usual April Tuesday. We sat in the kitchen and holivarili about how to do support. Suddenly, Dima Dyagilev (Operations Manager Technical Support) broke the usual course of events. And not only on Tuesday, but also the next six months.

    - Guys, it does not seem wildly unfair to you that developers, PMs, QA'shnikov and Eycharov have their own mitapes, while support has something not very good. After all, a lot of skill engineers, many have something to share with colleagues, something to tell.

    There was a small pause, we thought.

    - You know, Dim, and in fact it is. There is no support for Mitap traditions, but we invented a hundred or so bicycles that others might be interested to hear about it. And even useful to someone. And someone probably danced himself on a hundred rakes and can tell about these dances.

    “So, what are we doing?” - “Of course we are!”

    June. Four months before the event

    So, it took almost 2 months of our preparations for the event. We got off the ground and understood a few things.

    • It is very difficult to organize such an event, if there is not a single person in the team who (well, at least somehow) knows how to create mitaps.
    • Appetite comes with eating. The idea to hold the meeting was naturally transformed into an understandable thought: “For the pilot project, we need a Conference!”
    • Planning to hold the first event in August was reckless. We wanted to launch the first event in production as soon as possible, and we planned it in August ... oh, how naive we were.

    So, to implement the idea of ​​a “cool conference for Support'a,” an expert is simply needed - a guru who will direct, structure and support with practical advice our frantically motivated, but inexperienced team. And, fortunately for us, like the Winx magical pollen, in August Mishan came to us .

    August. Two months before that day

    While the cost of Apple punched a mark of $ 1 trillion, and for the VAT signed the law of increase, our team was gaining momentum in 11.2654-kilometer (leaps and bounds) steps. We are in full swing launched a comprehensive campaign to organize Support Fest'a.

    Mishanya : “Hi guys, I'm Mishan. Let's stumble and tell you what you have already done at this stage. From here we will understand what remains to be. ”

    We : “Hello, Mishan! So look what we have already done:

    • selected the speakers inside Ingram Micro and, in fact, their reports;
    • settled the schedule of meetings / rallies for the organizers of this holiday support;
    • formed a program and organizational committees;
    • conducted the first stage of test runs and distributed feedback to speakers;
    • painted a preliminary, but already pleasing program of reports;
    • outlined a strategy for PR and promotion in social networks, created accounts for the event in all these social networks and instant messengers;
    • staked out the venue for the event (we will remember about it in the section with packs);
    • made a list of partners;
    • cooked up the sweetest landing;
    • decided on contractors for equipment, souvenirs and food;
    • opened the registration and have already received the first 10 who want to look at us at the light!

    Mishan : “Guys, this is very cool, you started working in almost all the right directions and are moving where it should be. It remains only to work out a million or even a billion parts, comb our great undertakings and everything will be OK. ”

    Hundreds of man-hours flew by, during which our fierce enthusiasm transformed into a slenderness and a comprehensive study of trifles. I really didn’t want to meet that devil that is in the details. That's the time for the Fakapi Support Fest column.

    Beginning of September. The month before the event. Fakap number one

    Mishan : "Guys, we got a ride with the platform ..."

    Monday, without that, rarely pleases us with positive news, but that same Monday was aloof. We have already gained 50+ registrations, several speakers, partners and contractors. Changing the site meant a change of plans for a large number of people. But we had planned guests from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk and even Akademgorodok!

    On our date there were no sites available, from the word ALL. There was nothing to do, we traveled half the city in search of "that" wonderful place and .... found him! Lamp loft space, which also failed to book the first time (!). Agreed (paid, vowed to each other) that Support Fest will take place on the GRUNGE siteOctober 6th. Immediately after, we ran to rehabilitate on all fronts: notify guests and participants, redo registration forms and other necessary things.

    Looking ahead - now moving the date of the event has become our good tradition.

    So we learned a rule that was ignored before: important points not in words, only on paper. With signature and stamp.

    24 hours before the event. Fakap story 2

    There is a good practice: to do the final run before the event. We drove to the site the day before the event, put everything in its place, ran over the check-list and checked all the equipment. It turned out that during the broadcast all presentations look very bad. This was the reason for the whole mnogohodovki:

    - We understand that the screen is gray and mesh.
    + Change the screen on white and white.

    - We note that the projector has a half-dead lamp.
    + Change the projector to another.

    - A new projector cannot be fixed in a normal place.
    + With the help of various "crutches" we put the projector on a fashionable tripod

    -The new projector inverts the colors and our corporate scheme changes from blue to green
    + We find the problem link, dig in the settings and make friends with all software and hardware

    After this drama in four parts, we got a picture that is as sweet and juicy as a peach. Fuh, now the reports will be colorfully displayed and recorded on video .

    The rest of the experiences will be typed on the whole list, but, in comparison with the others, these are already trifles:

    • Payment of all sorts of gizmos at the last moment.
    • The experience that registrations is not enough.
    • The experience that registrations is much more than planned.
    • Evacuation of a souvenir from a warehouse 50 km from the site, on Friday evening through traffic jams.
    • Failure of the contractor to mount a hefty banner (but we all know how).
    • Night assembly badges and other things.

    Our fuse was not put out, and these trifles did not stop us, but only added adrenaline to our cocktail of enthusiasm and inspiration.

    October 6th. Morning event. Moment of truth

    Perhaps you are waiting for adventure here ... but no. Due to the fact that we experienced them all in advance, on the conference day everything went smoothly and according to the plan. Despite this, excitement and awe, of course, was present. After all, this is the first Technical Support conference not only for us, but for the whole of Siberia.

    With shaking hands, we gave out the first badge, followed by the second, and so on to the full hall.
    “Hello everyone, we are very happy to see you all at the first Siberian support conference - welcome to Support Fest!”

    Plus first day

    The next morning, all the organizers felt like a bit of a hangover. And the matter is not at all in a beautifully past afterparty. Finally, everyone came out of a state of total concentration, tension, when all the muscles with brains are set to succeed and act as a single coordinated support-organism.

    That's what we finally cranked:

    • We moved the Siberian support community to the masses and even inspired other companies to hold mitos about technical support.
    • Received the coolest feedback, 99% of respondents were very pleased with the event.
    • Got a lot of fun at all stages of preparation and holding of the conference.
    • Already had a Support Fest meetup on December 7th. Entries can be peep here .

    Support Fest in figures

    Now we can safely say: the launch of the First Siberian Support Community took place!

    If you have questions, ask them through any communication channels, we will try to answer as quickly as possible and will be happy to help the Support Community development activities.

    Here are our contacts:

    Photos , videos and presentation files are comfortably packed and waiting to be seen.

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