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    It seems that in the XXI century, the search for a suitable gift for the New Year should be a matter of a couple of clicks and instant delivery. Haha, no matter how. Do you know this feeling when you postpone the order until the last moment, and then it turns out that the purchase will come at best in January? (Or they promise to deliver it on December 30th, and bring it on March 30th. Meme is ridiculous, the situation is terrible) It’s better to order gifts in advance, but life happens, deadlines are stuck, we all understand. Therefore, here is another Christmas gift collection of gadgets for those who did not have time, but really want to be in time.

    Sonic Toothbrushes Foreo ISSA

    The Swedish company Foreo produces futuristic-looking gadgets for beauty and cleanliness, including sound toothbrushes ISSA.

    The speed brushes are between the usual electric and ultrasonic. The devices beat the paste into a uniform foam, gently clean the enamel and the gaps between the teeth. The minus of the electric brushes is that they need to be constantly charged, and every two or three months to change the head. By the way, the “manual” brushes are correctly changed with the same frequency.

    Foreo developers fixed both flaws. The battery of their brushes lasts half a year or a year, depending on the model. Housings are waterproof, ISSA brushes can brush your teeth even in the shower. The heads are made of non-porous silicone, which does not start life - bacteria and mold. The bristles on the edges of the head are made of the same material, they do not injure the gums. In the center of the bristles are bristles made of PBT-polymer for enhanced cleaning of enamel. This hybrid head is designed for six months of use.

    From left to right: ISSA Play, ISSA mini 2, ISSA 2

    The most current models of toothbrushes ISSA is ISSA play , ISSA mini 2 , ISSA 2. They mainly differ in price, battery life, head size, the ability to change it, and the speed of vibrations.
    TitleForeo ISSA playForeo ISSA mini 2Foreo ISSA 2
    Speed9,000 pulses / min9,000 pulses / min11,000 pulses / min
    Head sizeSmallSmallLarge
    The head is changingNotOnce in 6 monthsOnce in 6 months
    Battery operationUp to 6 monthsUp to 265 days (8.8 months)Up to 365 days (12 months)
    Charging timeNo, it runs on batteries1 hour1 hour
    Price~ 4 500 r~ 9 990 r~ 13 990 r

    ISSA mini 2 and ISSA 2 have a timer. The session of the brush is a minute, it is divided into four segments. Between them, the brush will remind you that it is time to clean the other quarter of the dental cavity. ISSA mini 2 is suitable for adults and children over the age of 5 who especially like the two emoticons on the brush handle: sad and cheerful. Cheerful lights up, if you brush your teeth, sad - if you do not touch the brush for 12 hours.

    For very young children aged 6 months and up to 6 years, there is a separate sound toothbrush Foreo ISSA mikro , with a silicone head without a PBT insert. And for people with particularly sensitive teeth - Foreo ISSA 2 Sensitive .

    Smart garden iGarden LED

    Plants need a little bit of happiness: water, light, and a good substrate. Smart garden iGarden LED provides all three components in the right proportions, so you can effectively grow greens, strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce and ornamental crops.

    In fact, iGarden LED is a small hydroponic that fits on a windowsill. If there is a red-hot battery under the windowsill, it is better not to put a garden on it. The loss of sunlight from the window is not terrible, because the plants are illuminated by an LED lamp, which is attached to the side of the device case. The height of the stand of the backlight is adjustable, and it works on a timer, providing a day length of about 16 hours.

    The water is poured into a separate tank and is economically consumed, the need to refill a little more will remind the indicator light in hydroponics. Plants are planted in two "pots", which are installed in the tank. The substrate is the mineral vermiculite. It already exists in hydroponics; if necessary, the stock can be replenished in any flower shop.

    IGarden Smart Garden iGarden

    LED has another option, simply called iGarden . It does not have a backlight, otherwise it is exactly the same gadget. Both devices are powered from the network.

    Smart lighting system Nanoleaf Aurora

    We have already written about the modular lighting system Nanoleaf Aurora. Recall that this triangular LED panels that come together as a designer. The resulting installation is glued to the wall (or ceiling) with a mounting tape. The panels are light and do not fall off, so that the configuration can be changed at any time.

    Managed by Aurora from a smartphone, which connects via Wi-Fi. In the mobile application, detailed color settings, animation panels are available, the schedule is set. For the lazy, there are pre-invented combinations. Total panels display 16.7 million colors, so there is a huge scope for creativity.

    The project of illumination was presented in 2016 at the exhibition of electronics CES. Then the panels made a real sensation, and since then they have only gotten better and acquired new “gadgets”. The first is the Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm light and music module . He listens to the surrounding sounds and makes the panels “dance” to the music. Settings are set through the application.

    Nanoleaf Remote

    The second is the Nanoleaf Remote , a dodecahedron control panel. Each of its faces is numbered, a “scene” is attached to it: adjusting the colors and animation of the panels. Turn the gadget face up, and the Nanoleaf Aurora will change the scene. The same trick works with the Homekit smart home settings.

    Interior designers DIY House

    We also made a detailed review about interior designers at DIY House . These are sets for assembling rumboks, miniature models of rooms with furnishings. Each box contains the necessary materials - wooden elements, fabric, paper, glue, all sorts of trivia, and also paint, glue, brushes, tweezers and instructions. Scissors and a stationery knife will need their own.

    Assembly takes several tens of hours. The instruction is very detailed and fully translated into Russian, so there are no difficulties in the process, but it delivers a lot of pleasure. If the presented ones like Ugears , then DIY House will appeal to them.

    Each set has a working backlight. It must also be assembled from parts in a set, and then fixed on the diamond box. The result is an incredibly beautiful toy and interior decoration. By the way, new DIY House kits have appeared in our catalog. Among the new arrivals there is a three-story townhouse and a music studio with tiny instruments .

    Women's smart trackers Bellabeat Leaf Chakra and Leaf Urban

    The Bellabeat Leaf Chakra and Bellabeat Leaf Urban gadgets look like ordinary jewelry. In fact, this is smart jewelry - or smart trackers. They are designed for women who want to monitor their health and activity, but do not want to spoil their style with a typical sports tracker.

    Bellabeat Leaf Urban

    Bellabeat trackers count the number of steps taken, hours of activity and sleep. The data is sent to a mobile application that processes them and analyzes them in detail. In addition to the analysis, it has a help function with guided meditation, an assessment of the level of stress, and tracking of the menstrual cycle. You can set a reminder to take a pill, or, conversely, to monitor the course of pregnancy.

    Bellabeat leaf chakra

    Both smart ornaments are made of stainless steel and wood composite, resembling a decorative stone. Chakra is embellished with black onyx or rose quartz. The trackers are powered by a CR 2032 battery, the charge lasts for half a year.

    Backpack Thule Vea Backpack

    Backpacks Thule do not need extra ideas. Specifically, Vea Backpack is a “Changeling”, a hybrid of a sports bag and a backpack. It's all a streamlined shape and cleverly attached straps. The model can be carried on a shoulder, as a bag, or as a backpack with one or two straps. Unused belts are disconnected.

    Branch two. The front opens with a vertical zipper and is designed for carrying sportswear, sneakers and other sports equipment. Inside there is a stretchable pocket for dirty clothes. In the back compartment is comfortable to wear things for work. There are reinforced compartments for a laptop with a diagonal of 15.6 inches and a tablet with a diagonal of 10 inches, as well as a pocket for papers and mesh pockets for small items.

    The volume of the backpack is 21 liters, weight - 1.2 kilograms. As it is easy to guess, it is made for those who like to go in for sports after work.

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