[Video] Warships, bots and shooting money at servers

    We conducted a performance study mint and brought you a video. Under the cat four reports on how to properly and with sense load servers in payment systems, banks and online games.

    Topics are:

    - regular combat shooting and how they can be held;
    - performance studies in the framework of capacity management;
    - the use of BDD for continuous load testing;
    - how to test game servers in World of Warships.

    Regular live firing and how they can be done (Viktor Bodrov, Yandex.Money)

    - What is regular combat shooting of business processes and how we conduct them?
    - How we develop performance research on the market?
    - How we define and build shooting scenarios
    - What we measure and look to find the truth
    - How we analyze the results and look for bottlenecks

    Performance studies in the framework of capacity management (Ivan Davydov, Yandex.Money)

    - Why we started researching capacity
    - How regular combat shooting differs from capacity-shooting
    - How a shooting profile is compiled
    - How we find the optimal number of instances for a service on the market
    - How to analyze problem servers and applications
    - What determines the optimality of settings and application configurations

    BDD application for continuous load testing (Alexey Ragozin)

    Load testing a complex system is not an easy task. Problems appear in the process, and BDD helps to solve them and build a testing system that you do not need to rewrite every year.

    The report tells about the experience of building a system of continuous load testing of a software component that was used by several teams.

    - Features of load testing in terms of software vendor
    - Purposes of continuous load testing
    - BDD for non-functional testing

    Performance testing in game projects (Alexander Shinkarev, Wargaming)

    A story about the techniques and approaches to testing the performance of the game client, which Alexander developed during his work on the World of Warships project. On the importance of performance in games, the preparation of test scenarios, the choice of test configurations, metrics and measurement tools. And, for dessert, a little about testing the performance of the game server.

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