The digest of fresh materials from the world of the front-end for the last week No. 291 (November 27 - December 3, 2017)

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    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast FW # 30 - Evgeny Rodionov on how to become a product director from a layout designer
    podcastWeb Standards podcast, Issue No. 97: Edge and Chrome, Firefox and web components, CSS wizards, podcast, formats, support
    podcastDevschacht podcast: Night frontend # 13— Dart, Polymer and bikes
    podcastFrontend Youth (18+) podcast # 28 React breaks farts
    Drinkcastpodcast podcast, # 19 - “Blessed JavaScript”
    video“ALL YOUR HTML ”# 25: “ ALL YOUR HTML, Draw the photo with lines in 3d, three.js ”

    Web development

    enIntroduction to frontend testing
    enBugs on production - a dirty dozen of the most popular
    enHow to start working with static sites - an overview of generators
    enA frontend checklist is just a tool ... it all depends on you
    enBest podcasts on web design and web development


    habrLearn CSS Grid in 5 minutes
    enAbout the logic for building typography and proportions in V6
    enModern asynchronous CSS loading
    CSS eninlining tools that are useful when creating an Email template
    enUsing feature queries (@supports) for cascading in web development
    enHow do I recreated the effect of cotton on Medium, and what I understood from this experiment
    enGeneration of wireframes with contours and diagonals using CSS and HTML
    enFlexible control of container overflow using flexes
    envideoWeb font performance- Monica Dinculescu report at SmashingConf Barcelona 2017, as well as a small explanation of the font-display property for the report


    habrHow JS Works: Features and Scope of WebAssembly
    Creating a Component Library Using a Storybook
    videoTraveling to Fantasy-land . Egor Trubnikov-Panov talks about the functional style of JavaScript programming and the Fantasy-land specification.
    enJSRobot - learn JavaScript while playing the game
    enIntroduction to speculative optimization in V8
    enJavaScript hacks for ES6 hipsters
    enComplete reference guide for Javascript developer interview
    enImplementation of the Eratosthenes sieve in JavaScript
    enMobX vs Redux with React: questions and comparison for a beginner
    enGithubParticipation in ECMAScript: instruction

    • Libs & Plugins:
      enClassily.js — небольшой плагин для тогглинга классов: простое решение для не всегда простых задач
      enGithubrapid.js — подобный ORM интерфейс и роутер для API запросов
      enGithubsuperstruct — простой и компонуемый способ валидации данных в Javascript


    FirefoxIn Firefox 58, a direct transition to the “data:” URL will be prohibited
    enChromevideoChrome 63 - what's new in DevTools
    enChrome 64 - what's new in DevTools
    IEMicrosoft Edge mobile browser has become available to all Android and iOS users
    enIENew and improved event and CSS inspector at Microsoft Edge DevTools


    Mozilla project released an open speech recognition system
    Explanations for updates to Google algorithms
    24 Pull Requests: GitHub annual open source development event
    HDMI 2.1: new standard, new cable
    Quantum computers and quantum Internet today and tomorrow
    Sharp ups and downs in popularity technology on Stack Overflow
    Photoshop will use AI to quickly isolate objects
    Eric Schmidt: medicine and science are the main industries where AI will be used in the near future
    Image board power: How 4chan became a hotbed for force
    enScripting Cyrillic . On the introduction of Cyrillic alphabet in Google Docs and Slides
    enOWASP Top 10 - 2017 - ten most critical vulnerabilities in web applications

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