PHP Digest number 146 (December 10 - 24, 2018) + Results of 2018

    By tradition, we will summarize the outgoing year and recall the most significant events in the PHP world. And of course, links to the latest news, useful tools and interesting materials over the past two weeks.

    Under the cut, you will also receive a drawing of PhpStorm licenses from JetBrains .

    Happy reading and Happy New Year!

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    One of the main events of the year, of course, is the major release of the PHP 7.3.0 interpreter . For the seventh year in a row, the team delivers the latest version without delay.
    The latest release of the PHP 5.6 branch was released , and I would like to say that the era of PHP 5 is gone, but a significant portion of the sites still use PHP <= 5.6.
    One of the founders of Zend, Zeev Suraski, shared his plans for PHP 8 , among which were JIT, asynchronous capabilities, FFI, and preloading. Preloading has already been implemented and will be in the next version, but FFI, although implemented, is still in the vote and may be postponed. And of course, I want to remember the acceptedRFC on typed properties !
    In October, however, Zeev announced that he and the Zend team, represented by Dmitry Stogov, Enrico Zimuel and Matthew Weier O'Phinney, would soon leave Rogue Wave (owned by Zend). We will wait for news about the future of the team next year.


    For 2018, the group adopted several standards:
    PSR-15 : HTTP Server Request Handlers
    PSR-17 : HTTP Factories
    PSR-18 : HTTP Client

    As well as a number of standards are under development:
    PSR-5 : PHPDoc
    PSR-12 : Extended Coding Style Guide
    PSR-14 : Event Dispatcher

    One can not forget about the departure of Symfony from PHP-FIG .


    Two major releases of symfony 4.1 and symfony 4.2 have been released . Discontinued support microframework Silex, because Symfony 4 can be used as microframework. And the latest news about the creation of an independent commercial company Symfony , which will develop and support the framework, as well as work on paid products around it, for example, Symfony Cloud .


    Like Symfony, the Laravel framework in 2018 was marked by two major releases Laravel 5.7 and Laravel 5.6 . And with the release of a pair of new tools from the core-team Telescope and Nova . By the way, another full time developer Dries Vints joined the team .

    yii framework

    Besides Yii 1.1.20 and Yii 2.0.14 , 2.0.15 , I saw the light of Yii 3.0.0 alpha 1 Although a message Pavel Klimov that Yii died , the work on the third version of the framework is intensified. A new member,  Andrey Vasiliev , joined the core team  , an overview of changes in Yii 3.0 and a document with plans are available .

    async php

    In the world of asynchronous PHP, there were many interesting things in the past year. I came ReactPHP 1.0.0 LTS , as well as the PHP-PM 1.0 . The books ReactPHP for Beginners and Studying Asynchronous PHP with ReactPHP are published . Amphp and tools based on it are also actively developing .
    Posted proposal [RFC] Fiber , as well as the ext-async extension .
    Separately, I would like to mention Swoole , which from Chinese crafts has grown into a powerful tool and has integration for all popular frameworks.

    And what else has happened in the past year?

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