Bayram Annakov (CEO App in the Air): how to do the right onboarding

    Speech by CEO of App in the Air, Bayram Annakova, at the Epic Growth Conference , a product marketing conference organized by Mobio and Getloyal with support from Appsflyer and myTarget .

    In his presentation, Bayram told how to do the right onboarding in a mobile application and what results it can bring.

    Full text decryption can be viewed here . Or read short notes under the cut.

    Onboarding: how to drive one metric that matters (OMTM)

    Popular services, such as Facebook or Twitter, do not allow you to click on Skip, that is, they do not allow you to skip the process of familiarizing yourself with the service, the so-called onboarding.

    This is the intentional tactics of product managers. Indeed, the growth of users of the application, including, is based on the process of immersing the user in the application. On Twitter, for example, onboarding is the secret to growing from 10 million to 100 million daily users.

    It would seem paradoxical that it does not sound, onboarding encourages new users to further interaction, holds them for a long period of time and significantly expands the CRM-base.

    Many product managers are afraid of losing users forever by doing long onboarding, gathering contacts of the audience. This is especially true for Junior Product Managers, who are panicky afraid to make a mistake. The main thing to remember here is that you, your product manager, are not your audience. You should not build tactics on your personal experience. If it seems to you that you will not leave your mail, this does not mean that the user will do the same.

    In App in the Air, products added everything that drives RR into the onboarding process, and 50% of users who leave their data received from it. As a result of the experiment - a multiple increase in RR.

    Onboarding algorithm from Byram:

    • Find retention drivers action.
    • Optimize onboarding.
    • Test and evaluate.
    • Repeat these steps.

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