10 reasons to choose a solution for SAP HANA from HPE

    Our customers often come up with questions in one way or another connected with software and hardware complexes under SAP HANA.

    Regardless of whether you are just starting your journey to SAP HANA or going to upgrade your existing HANA infrastructure, there are many choices. With more than a dozen certified hardware providers and cloud service providers, choosing the right partner can be very difficult.

    We decided to collect the TOP 10 reasons why you should choose a solution for SAP HANA from the company Hewlett Packard Enterprise and divided our article into two parts.

    If you want to learn how not to lower the budget for IT infrastructure into a black hole, choosing a solution under SAP HANA - welcome under cat.

    By Unfortunately Fortunately, in this article we will not deal with aspects of the sizing solutions for SAP HANA, but always ready to assist in the discussion, tell us more about sizing and help choose the best option platforms.

    The most important thing is that one should not think that systems for HANA are large servers occupying a whole cabinet. We already live in the world when we say “SAP HANA”, and we understand both a regular virtual machine on a two-socket server and huge cubes in memory of several hundred terabytes - it all depends on your appetite!

    1. Total number of deployed systems under SAP HANA (as per Gartner report)

    On clothes meet! Therefore, for many customers, when they choose a rather expensive solution, it is important to understand what vendor has a track record. Well, the HPE's track record in designing, implementing, and supporting solutions for SAP HANA is genuinely interesting, and this is clearly reflected in the latest 2018 Gartner report: “ SAP HANA Server Vendor"(What you need to know when you choose a SAP HANA server platform provider). This study demonstrates HPE's high rankings in several categories at once. Solutions from HPE, according to the report, are popular, as for those customers who follow the proven path to SAP HANA, using certified solutions (appliance), as well as for those who prefer to collect everything from the designer (TDI). HPE and SAP have had close partnerships for over 30 years, during which time we have gained invaluable experience, which we pass on to our customers. The report snapshot is sure that the report itself will also be interesting to read:

    Fig. 1 Deployed systems under SAP HANA in the world, a breakdown by vendor

    2. The most scalable solution on modern Intel Skylake processors

    Today, HPE is a supplier of the most scalable and powerful SAP-certified HANA solutions using the latest Intel Skylake architecture processors. The HPE Superdome Flex Server offers a unique modular design that allows you to easily and flexibly scale from 4 to 32 sockets and 48 TB of RAM. About architecture and how it is arranged "under the hood" we wrote, recommend. Based on this platform, the widest range of configurations is certified for both the ScaleUp and ScaleOut architectures, up to 24 18 TB processors, both for SoH / S4H and BWoH / BW4H. And this is not the limit. Together with SAP, we are ready to support those users who need large volumes of configurations under SAP HANA. Pss! If you need a smaller server, we will have such configurations in our portfolio :)

    Fig. 2 Scaling HPE server solutions for SAP HANA based on Intel Skylake

    For a full list of certified for SAP HANA configurations, do not forget to check the Certified and Supported SAP HANA Hardware portal at the link .

    3. The most resilient business-critical x86 platform with advanced RAS properties

    When we come to a car dealership - it is always interesting for us to sit in the coolest car, to feel this attention to detail, ergonomics and appearance. We will not deviate from the rules and tell you about the important and useful features of our flagship.

    The HPE Superdome Flex adds additional benefits to our x86 solution by providing unique resiliency properties (RAS). Ensuring high availability has always been a conceptual philosophy when developing HPE Superdome servers. Functions such as the adaptive memory error correction mechanism Adaptive double device data correction (ADDDC), the HPE Superdome Flex Grid system switching matrix with adaptive routing, the Intelligent Error Analysis Engine, the microcode correction technology, the HPE Firmware First just a few of the unique features built into Superdome Flex that sometimes are unique to x86 platforms and that make this server the most reliable server for implementing SAP HANA.

    Fig. 3 bugs? No, you can forget about them with HPE Gen10 servers. The

    unique technology for all HPE Gen10 systems, including Superdome Flex, is HPE Fast Fault Tolerance: continuous analysis of the state of memory chips and, in case of a risk to data, the allocation of “spare” ones memory areas on the same channel. The uniqueness of the technology lies, among other things, in the fact that integrity control does not incur significant overhead costs (up to 1% drop in performance) and the system crash is prevented if uncorrectable errors are detected.

    Did you know that any HPE Gen10 server also has a built-in mechanism for checking firmware for the presence of malicious code even before this firmware is delivered to the server?

    Learn more about HPE server security mechanisms:

    4. HPE solutions are based on open standards and Intel x86 processors.

    HPE solutions are part of a large and growing ecosystem based on open industry standard solutions based on Intel architecture. Intel processors and the SAP HANA platform evolved together — Intel was and remains the original reference architecture for the SAP HANA platform. This mutual collaboration is still strong today, which makes Intel the most widely used processor for SAP HANA, with a big advantage over other architectures (more than 95%). The most important thing is that Intel systems have a clear roadmap for the next generation of processors, indicating benefits for SAP HANA transaction systems, for example, support for non-volatile Persistent Memory in the next generation of Intel Cascade Lake processors: announcement by Intel .

    Fig. 4 Intel processors roadmap for SAP HANA

    5. A wide range of solutions: integrated systems, TDI modules, storage systems for any tasks

    “Is there the same, but with pearl buttons?” Yes! HPE offers the widest range of solutions for HANA: from certified fully integrated solutions to individual TDI modules, using a wide range of certified or supported computing systems and storage systems, including 2-processor entry-level systems, a set of products for composable infrastructure or our line of business-critical systems for the most demanding environments HANA. As for HPE storage systems, the list of HANA-certified options is also wide: from entry-level solutions based on MSA , the unique offer of Nimble All-flash and Hybrid, up to highly scalable 3PAR and XP arrays .

    Fig. 5 From small to large. Certified Hewlett Packard Enterprise Storage Systems for SAP HANA

    In the next article we will continue to describe the unique and distinctive features of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise offer for the SAP HANA solution.

    In the meantime, you can run through the list of references:

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