Sosnovkino - the first domestic scam? Or collect money faster and more

    Just the other day I wrote the second part (the first is not difficult to find) about the assessment of ICO. And in a comment, I came across a Sosnovkino project: a name that was just created for a Hollywood film about Russia, isn't it?

    I watched the video and realized that it was very much like a hoax, judge for yourself:

    1. Profitability - up to 300%
    2. A plot of land worth $ 3,000,000!
    3. Sell ​​land as fast as possible
    4. Work - for 10 years
    5. Photos are all general plan (by the way, rumkin also paid attention to this

    No wonder, apparently, is the trouble with the certificate already?

    Outside the video, you can still extract a bunch of useful information:

    1. Passive return on investment: a paradise for anyone who wants to become a millionaire
    2. Information on the Company "Sosnovkino" (with or without quotation marks, and company) are not found - see below..
    3. The project itself should be located near Novosibirsk - see the sidebar below.
    4. There is no other company: a strict request from S-54 Engineering & Construction Group gives nothing but pages with an ICO and CEO profile. But there is a pathos video sequence , which,
      however, is not worth a single real construction project.
    5. The code on Gita is not happy either: there are smart contracts , but two of them are clearly standard
    6. An interesting fact is that there is an analogue of the site: . The question is - why? In the case of a block - to replace mobile?
    7. The site also has a guarantee from the company "New Energy". The company request was sent via the contact form , I hope that they will be quick. By the way, a query by surname and company (Baturin + New + energy) also does not give anything sensible. The only thing is an archive copy of Google : there is such a person in it. Judging by the site map, the page was updated on 02/06/17: after that - for some reason, these names were hidden. Perhaps leaked in the wrong direction? In addition, there is no printing on the document. You can look into the Charter (and it is necessary), but so far I strongly doubt that this LLC has exercised the right to work without printing in such an industry.


    There is a village in the Novosibirsk region with the understandable name Sosnovka, but, firstly, it doesn’t look like a project in the inset from the map; secondly, the area of ​​the village is 163 hectares; and most importantly - more than 1000 people already live there. There is also a project (organized in 2012) by Sosnovka Village, but even its site is not accessible - . I did not find anything sensible, except for vague reviews. But in any case, there is no question of any Sosnovkino. In the White Paper you can find the “exact” coordinates for the cadastre - 54: 07: 047401: 1444 (number), which are also not beaten anywhere.

    Meanwhile, Sosnovka and Sosnovkino are, according to the assurance of the group on Facebook - next:

    According to user reviews, it was possible to establish that the “company” uses SPAM mailings and is not even ready to comment on this: The

    guys from ICOrating, by the way, are in solidarity with me : the project was classified as highly risky.

    But let's talk about the creators (profiles can be found on the site). In particular, “Executive Director Maxim Dvenidov has been engaged in real estate for more than 10 years. He has positive experience in the sale of foreign real estate. Currently, there are more than 3,000 sold land plots in Russia, several successful development projects in the Czech Republic, and resort apartments in Thailand. ”

    A good track record: that's just he is already on the CEO site and his name is Maxim, but Dvedenidov. And information on it, as well as on Olga Serbienko, is searched quickly: but there is nothing but Sosnovkino there. Meanwhile, for example, Olga studied in Switzerland. Yes, and Maxim raised 3000 projects: this is not a needle in a haystack. Or were they all strictly enclosed?

    I myself do not know by hearsay how difficult it is to receive gratitude from customers who have passed through the NDA with you. But not 3000 times in a row?

    Here is another video on the unknown channel with 9 subscribers. With 6,000 views and two likes and dislikes (one is mine). And most importantly - with a story where again there is no video from the scene. Why? The only thing I found was these frameswhere there is no story about how to get to the place, what landmarks exist, the coordinates are finally. But the main thing: where are all the documents for such a huge amount of land, and even a reservoir? As a lawyer, this is very interesting to me. Why should I look for it, and not see right away? And yes, compare the previous video with the one above in this moment : are there obviously mountains right there? Then the question is, where are they on the video? If this is just a general video so poorly drawn, then maybe you need to make a good one? I think it's time.

    And herequite interesting: it turns out that the fund in the Caymans owns 194 hectares of land in Russia, and even at the reservoir? And in these same frames, we are already talking about the growth of investments not by 300, but as much as 600%. And again: the video is in Russian, and the main CA, judging by the White Book, is foreigners. A reasonable question arises: "how so?" Dissonance.

    In the same video, I am still confused by the incomprehensible education on the speaker’s face and the quality of the video itself: even I can take such a picture, but not the project that claims to be major development deals before the ICO.

    The same applies to documents: in Russian there is a regular pdf with a description of suburban real estate in Novosibirsk, which has nothing to do with the project. And here is a complete analysis of the Russian real estate market. It would be wonderful if there was a similar analysis of Sosnovkino. And here is some information in table format . But why in English? That is, the general description is in Russian, and the subject is in English? It does not happen: it should not be.

    What is the bottom line?

    1. The team is sought, but does not fight: a lot of merits have been declared, but in fact it is impossible to find anything;
    2. There is no serious design documentation;
    3. Video - the general plan;
    4. Neither coordinates, nor filming, nor even photographs from the scene;
    5. On trifles (documents, signatures, etc.) - also there is not a single coincidence;
    6. Legal entities either do not exist or courageously hide;
    7. The salt of the project is to do quickly, get a lot, and even not forget about passive income;
    8. And all this - against the background of the real estate market, which is more likely dead than alive.

    I do not know about you, dear residents of Habr, but I do not like this approach. I already said in a previous article that now communities are formed among chats ( such and such ) and among platforms like kickico (the last thing I met).

    But it seems to me that the largest it-community should not remain aloof from such problems and help to develop the theme of the fight not only with “pure” fraud, but also in cases where ambiguity and pathos create situations even stranger and worse, as in aspect of the development of technology and social interactions.

    Read, comment: let the power of the pen conquer the dark side!

    UPD About them - on another resource .

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