Tutorial: ToDo Web Applications in Spring and ReactJS

    Spring and ReactJS

    The application will be intended for people who need a convenient means of organizing personal goals and tasks. A typical application like todo-list, but with one feature, which however is clear from the name. Organization of tasks will be possible not only in the form of a list, but also in the form of a tree of subtasks. Tree> List!

    The project will be broadcast from scratch, that is, until the installation of the necessary development environment (JDK, Eclipse, Atom, Node.js) and the connection of the necessary dependencies (Spring, Hibernate, ReactJS, Redux). If you wanted to see how the following technologies are used: Java, Spring, Hibernate, JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux , then I hasten to please you, you will have such an opportunity! Of course, this is not the whole list, but this is what the emphasis will be on.

    But it is worth noting that some basic knowledge of the Java, JavaScript and SQL languages ​​will be necessary for understanding. As part of the broadcasts, the basic methods of working with technologies will be considered as they are encountered in the course of a real but small project.

    This approach differs from a simple comprehensive study of technology in documentation or books, and it does not claim to be comprehensive. The use of large technologies is often similar to the Pareto principle: 20% of the use of technology gives 80% of the result, and therefore we can assume that even in a small project, there is a good opportunity to understand the essence of the technology. And if you are ready, then let's go this way together to develop a simple ToDo Tree application with serious industrial technologies under the hood. So I'm waiting for everyone on the stream!

    Necessary skills?

    • HTML / CSS
    • SQL
    • Java (preferably 8)
    • JavaScript (preferably 6)

    Learning technology?

    • Spring
    • Hibernate
    • ReactJS + Redux

    What is the target audience?

    This project is aimed at an audience that has basic Java and JavaScript development skills and wants to advance their knowledge in modern and popular web application development technologies.

    When will the broadcasts take place?

    Every Friday at 20-00

    ToDo Development Plan for Spring and ReactJS:

    As part of the training, the development process of a modern web application will be demonstrated, from the installation of the necessary environment to the last line of the working application.

    Stage 1:

    • Setting up the environment (for Linux)

    Stage 2:

    • Registration page development

    Stage 3:

    • Development of a page for creating / editing tasks

    Stage 4

    • Designing a To Do List Page

    Stage 5

    • Design a filtering and sorting page

    The training project will be held online on the next channel , where you can also ask interesting questions in the chat. Records of all broadcasts are available on the channel page in the "Project Playlist" section.

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