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  • The OpenStreetBrowser directory now has a new category in the Leisure, Sport and Shopping section. According to the blog post , the new category “Swimming and Bathing” includes all types of swimming and bath facilities and saunas.

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  • PoliMappers, a division of YouthMappers' at the Polytechnic Institute of Milan (Italy), is organizing the second event, PoliMappers Adventures . During December, you can complete daily quests related to the world of OpenStreetMap. Quests vary: mapping, assistance to the humanitarian team and many others. Follow them on Twitter to keep up to date.
  • CartoRoute ("MapRoad") is a collaboration between Michelin and the OSM community in Côte d'Ivoire, whose goal is to map the main road network throughout the country: road conditions, surface, speed limits, road signs, canteens, hotels and filling stations. stations, etc. The initial phase of the project began in the municipality of Plateau (Abidjan), where 11 local OSM participants collected data for two days using OsmAnd, read about how the work is going at the moment of Twitter .
  • The tag cycleway:surfacehas already been used in OSM over 500 times, but only now it has been properly documented in the OSM Wiki. The tag allows you to specify the surface of a bicycle path only, for example, for a bicycle path on a road where the surfaces differ.
  • The new Guide to Organized Editing was approved at the previous meeting of the OSMF board on November 15th . The manual was developed by the Data Working Group and aims to improve the transparency and practice of organized cartographic initiatives.
  • The lack of actualization of electoral boundaries in Germany led to the proposal(de) (automatic translation ) to delete this data. The proposal received much support, but also a few comments.
  • Voting for tram mapping on the 'tramtrack on highway' did not take place . However, the author of the message Jukka Nikulainen is preparing a new proposal based on the feedback he received.


  • Member Can Ünen (OSM unen ), a lecturer at the University of Istanbul, Turkey, is the new Cartographer of the Month. As usual, OSM Belgium has published an interview with him.
  • A South Korean GPIOIPG participant surveyed whether the names of public transport stations in OSM should have a suffix -역(that is, a station). Usually official names are written without a suffix. But it is obvious that the suffix is ​​widely used by people, and even some signs show the suffix, but the word “station” is not added after names in other countries. In his diary GPIOIPG writes about the results of his survey, which he collected on the forum and in the mailing list , and gives additional background information.
  • Member Nakaner uploaded all emails from all publicly accessible mailing lists to the database and analyzed them.
    Two entries ( 1 , 2 ) of the options in his blog contain information on the number of posts per year and on individual mailing lists, as well as a list of the most active authors.
  • The SunCobalt member notes that shortly before the current and past elections, the number of members of the OSMF is greatly increased, and visualizes this with the help of a graph. “Let it be a shame to someone who starts to suspect something because of this” (Honi soit, qui mal y pense .)

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • The official manifestos and answers of candidates for elections to the board of the OSM Foundation this year have already been published . Christoph Hormann wrote a summary , and Paul Norman wrote an assessment guide . There are discussions on the forum , as well as the osmf-talk mailing list .
  • The Membership Working Group (MWG) reports on its activities. The MWG is currently busy with a new program to return paid membership fees and deals with countries that do not have suitable money transfer options to pay their membership fee. Like Weekly OSM and other working groups of the OSMF Foundation, MWG are looking for volunteers.
  • Mikel Maron, a member of the board of the OSM Foundation, announced the launch of the Welcome Mat initiative . Website Welcome Mat was created in order to help third parties understand the complex structure of the OSM, explain how the OSM, how and where you can take part.


  • The FOSS4G Italy conference announced (automatic translation ) the
    reception of reports and proposals for seminar topics for the third Italian FOSS4G 2019 , which will be held in Padua from February 20 to 24. Proposals are accepted until December 13.

Humanitarian OSM

  • Project participants OpenGovHub December 4 held kartopati with HOT parties OpenGov Hub office in Washington, DC.
  • The HOT humanitarian team has posted updated information on its Microgrants 2018 program, which was launched in April 2018. Eight program participants received micro grants to improve OSM and assist in minimizing the effects of natural disasters.

Moving to OSM (switch2OSM)

  • The Qwant search engine , created in France, now displays a vector map on OSM, and also uses OSM to run its other services.


  • The GIScience Research Group of the University of Heidelberg introduced the Playground API , which allows you to explore the OpenRouteService API services and experiment with service parameters and responses.
  • Mattias made a prototype of an external voice controller for JOSM. The speech2JOSM tool is available on GitHub.


  • A new stable version of JOSM has been released. Version 18.11 keeps the height of each panel to the right, when JOSM is closed, the panel is equipped with a special button Download as new layerinstead of a check box. Improved many other features . The most noticeable change is probably the correction of the GPS track mapping , caused by the change in the OSM website API.

Do you know …

  • that the number of maps created through the MapOSMatic service on the site has recently exceeded 40,000 pieces. It also expanded its functionality through user interface improvements and support for hyperlinks in multi-page PDF documents.
  • that Stefan Keller, a computer science professor at Rapperswil University of Applied Sciences, created the Map of Fog . The map shows how to find the way to the sun in gray, foggy November days. The website has published(de) (automatic translation ) brief background information and tests if the card works. Unfortunately, the map covers only Switzerland.
  • ... about ? The service, available in English and German, allows you to create a children's playmat with an OSM-based map.
  • ... about a long list of links to pages where you can find a suitable tag if you can't find it in your editor’s presets?

Other “geo” events

  • 1 In Switzerland, the old international border post was moved to the territory of the Swiss National Museum in Zurich. Now it provides the first reference point for mobile devices (automatic translation ) via a QR code or a link to a point marked in OSM.
  • Company iXpoint won(de) (automatic translation )
    in the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) in 2018 with a project on pedestrian traffic routing based on OSM data.
  • Gaël Musquet, founder and former representative of OpenStreetMap France (French local branch of OSM Foundation), was awarded (automatic translation ) by the National Order of Merit , along with one of the VLC developers. He considers this award as recognition of the merits of the entire community and the leading French open-source contributors.
  • Sven Gregori explains how to get public ADS-B data about a location from airplanes and display it on a map with an OSM backing using Python and the Cartopy library .

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