Intel Vpro or IP-KVM for desktops

    First of all, let's agree: those who are not new to Intel vPro technology may not waste time on the entire introductory part of the article, immediately order the Intel Core I7 7700 with 16 GB DDR4 240 SSDs with DDOS protection for 3800 rubles a month, without installation fee (link at the end of the article). But it seems to us that not everyone has yet appreciated the benefits of remote access using Intel vPro - which in our data center is provided to all dedicated servers without server platforms. So, you need to understand: what kind of technology is this, how it is being implemented, and what problems it solves.

    What is Intel vPro?

    This technology is a true hardware and software complex aimed at an advanced solution to remote access problems: taking into account the high requirements for information security and the need to provide the widest possible management capabilities (more on that below).

    From a hardware point of view, Intel implemented technology based on its own special motherboards (with the Q index, although not all of them support all the vPro features), processors, and network controllers. Since the company itself produces all of these nodes, the system has received a unique integrity.

    On the software side, the solution is also proprietary: Intel Active Management Technology (AMT). The product is specially designed for the most effective remote management, easy inventory of equipment, security and the ability to quickly fix any failures - even those in which the problem is remote, without using this technology, it is impossible to solve in principle.

    What are the benefits?

    Firstly, Intel vPro, when implemented through VNC, provides a complete KVM to a remote machine, independent of the operating system.

    Thus, even with a reboot, the connection does not break. You can remotely enter the BIOS - in other words, without physical contact with the machine, almost any problems that may arise on it are solved. It is probably unnecessary to explain how useful this is.

    We only note that even a screen resolution of 1920x1200 pixels is supported. Given the high speed - a complete feeling that you are not working at all remotely.

    Secondly, security. In terms of working with a dedicated server, it is important, of course, not the Anti-Theft system, but the fact that vPro encrypts the data. AES is encrypted and decrypted, which ensures high performance. In addition, AMT allows, for example, isolating a machine infected with malware without losing remote access to it. You can read more about AMT features in the Wiki .

    What does Contel offer?

    Good - but what is so unusual, some of you will ask? Those without this article are aware of what IntelVpro is, why it is so good, and why use it. The main thing, of course, is in the details.

    To implement a VNC connection using IntelVpro, you first of all need a processor supporting it (as well as a motherboard, but this is not important in this case). The nuance is that we use Intel Core I7, built on the Kaby Lake microarchitecture.

    And such processors, as you know, appeared on sale only at the beginning of the year. So we get not the usual IP-KVM running on IntelVpro - but very, very powerful. This is especially true of the graphics core, which in some tasks is very important.

    As a result, VNC access is provided to all our dedicated servers, and it works flawlessly. We dare to note that IntelVpro based on Kaby Lake processors has so far no one in Moscow offers.

    Also, when ordering before the end of June, there is a special offer - DDOS protection until the end of the rental period as a gift, how our protection against DDOS is implemented can be read in the next issues

    You can order and test the server on any of our StarVPS projects . Core I7 7700 16GB DDR4 240SSD Servers from 3800 rub. (I remind you that this is with DDOS protection).

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