All you need to know about Windows Server 2016

    Hello! We have accumulated a lot of Russian-language materials about Windows Server 2016, which I would like to share with you. In addition, at the beginning of the month a Russian-language version of the book "Introduction to Windows Server 2016" was released. You will find out more about this, as well as other interesting articles and videos on server topics below.

    Free e-book Introduction to Windows Server 2016 (pdf)

    There is very little literature on Windows Server 2016 in Russian, so the release of this translation came in handy.

    The book "Introduction to Windows Server 2016" is devoted to the analysis of the key functions of the system and may well become a reference book for those who constantly work with Windows Server 2016. You will also find in it a description of the deployment scenarios of the system and the features of migration. The introduction does not imply an immersion in the details of a particular technology, but the book provides links to additional sources of information on topics.

    The reader is expected to have basic knowledge of Hyper-V, networks, storage, and Microsoft Azure.

    You can download it here .

    Overview videos

    We periodically hold meetings for IT professionals in Moscow and St. Petersburg, during which we discuss new products, work with Azure and much more. Part of the speeches is recorded, and the video is posted on Channel 9. Below you will find the last three entries on the topic of Windows Server 2016.
    Windows Server 2016: Evolution or Revolution?

    Protecting privileged accounts in Windows Server 2016

    What Microsoft Azure technologies are implemented in Windows Server 2016

    Useful articles on Habrahabr

    Immediately after the release of Windows Server 2016, we released a series of articles on Habr. I would like to remind you about them, as well as about other materials that, in my opinion, may be useful:

    1. Windows Azure Pack Creating Shielded VM
    2. Configuring a software load balancer in a VMM infrastructure
    3. Configure a software-defined network controller in the VMM infrastructure
    4. Configuring a software gateway RAS network gateway in a VMM factory
    5. Work Folders on Windows Server 2016
    6. Software Defined Network (SDN) in Windows Server 2016
    7. Deploying Nano Server with the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) RC for Windows 10
    8. New DNS Server Features in Windows Server
    9. Storage-level replication in Windows Server 2016 - Storage Replica
    10. Hyper-V Nested Virtualization in Windows Server 2016
    11. ASP.NET Core on Nano Server
    12. What's New in Windows Server 2016
    13. Storage Spaces Direct storage in Windows Server 2016
    14. Secure virtual machines in Windows Server 2016
    15. Configure SDN infrastructure in the VMM factory
    16. RDS on Windows Server 2016
    17. Containers in Windows Server 2016
    18. Disaster Recovery Guide for System Center 2016 - Service Manager
    19. Enhance Hyper-V 2016 Security with 5nine Solutions
    20. Network Controller: Software Defined Networks in Windows Server 2016. Part 1: Features and Services
    21. Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Part 3: Storage Spaces
    22. Windows Server 2016 and Hyper-V Integration Services
    23. What's New in Windows Server 2016 Failover Clustering

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