Announcement RamblerFront & # 1

    On June 8, the first external RamblerFront & meetup will be held at the Rambler & Co attic, where our employees will share applied knowledge in the field of frontend development.

    Topics of reports:

    1. React Redux Adapter - Maxim Chekryshov (Lead Client Software Development Engineer, RDS)
    Maxim will talk about redux-rest-adapter - a utility designed to facilitate working with the API in applications with Redux data flow.

    2. The counter is easy - Alexey Melik-Zade (head of the interface development group, Rambler / top-100)
    It will be about what the TOP-100 counter consists of and how we collect information about site visitors. We will also analyze what problems we encountered while developing a tool for a large audience.

    3. Development of a cross-design library of components on React.js - Sergey Pereskokov (team leader of front-end development of the Rambler & Co Platform)
    Let's talk about how we made a common component library for Rambler service verticals. It will be about what is under the hood and how to make developers like to use it.

    4. SSP: Field Refactoring - Sergey Yastrebov (Client Application Development Engineer, AdTech)
    The presentation will talk about SSP - one of the projects of Rambler Advertising Technologies. About the state of the project several months ago, what refactoring steps were taken during this time and what came of it, what are the plans for the further development of the project. Reference materials will be provided for those who want to learn more about refactoring, development, testing, etc. on real high-load projects.

    Check in here -

    Gathering at 18:30.
    The first report begins at 19:10.
    Venue - Attic Rambler & Co, which is located at ul. Varshavskoye shosse, building 9, building 1

    Come, we will be glad to talk

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