Must-Have: 20 game assets for the designer and artist

Original author: Mary Winkler
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I offer a selection of incredibly beautiful backgrounds and tilesets in different settings: from the jungle to sci-fi. You will find everything to create spectacular environments and set the mood for games through design.


6 Game Backgrounds
A set of vector backgrounds will be a great addition to the adventure side scroller. Each of the six backgrounds can be edited in Adobe Illustrator. And the ability to customize the parallax effect will appeal to developers who want to give levels extra depth.

5 in 1 Game Background
Caves, forests, space and the kingdom of candies - these colorful and funny backgrounds will definitely delight players.

Jungle Run Game Background The
set is perfect for a game that takes place in the jungle. It has everything you need: creepers, trees and many other green vegetation.

Retro City Building Pack
At your disposal a set of easily editable vector assets - create a unique urban landscape.

Nature Game Background
This background with a minimalistic natural landscape will be a great addition to a running or flying character.

Game Backgrounds # 1 The
set includes ten simple and easy to repeat backgrounds with parallax effect.

Game Backgrounds in One Set
Get the most for your money with this set of 15 backgrounds that are perfect for a shooter, runner or any other side-scroller.

Game Background
I like how well these backgrounds with their dreamy mountains and eerie cemeteries convey different moods. Add ten exciting levels to the game!

9 Cartoon Game Backgrounds
In this set of ten cartoon backgrounds, absolutely stunning color palettes. Who can resist a game with such beautiful graphics?

8 Chinese Game Background
If you want to expand the actions of the game in a particular setting, you can use these eight fantasy fantasy Chinese architecture backgrounds.


Build your game world block by block and create incredible settings for different genres - from adventure games to platformers.

Scifi Shooter Sprite Sheet
A set of sprites and tiles in the best traditions of sci-fi will allow you to build a unique world with a top view, where the heroes will save humanity from the invasion of aliens.

Platformer Game Tile Set 4
Tileset will be indispensable when creating an adventure platform game in the spirit of horror. The package includes two styles of tiles, backgrounds, as well as a number of additional items for building complete levels.

Pixel City Creation Kit
Build cities with this set of pixel graphics. A great choice for simulation games and more.

Platformer Game Tile Set 5
Want to create a winter mood for your players? A set with snowmen, glaciers and tiles in the snow is best suited.

Platformer Game Tile Set 6
What I like about these thematic tilesets is the ability to create many levels from different sets, providing the user with a rich gaming experience. In this case, we are dealing with an interesting adventure tileset, which includes stairs, spikes, cherries and stuff like that.

Platformer Game Tile Set 9
And this tileset is stylized as a dungeon. It is ideal if the action of your platformer takes place in a castle. In addition, such sets can serve as a good source of inspiration for game designers, as they allow you to create additional elements to those that are originally included in the set.

2D Tileset Platform Game
With this set, your platformer will look simple, but at the same time bright and colorful. It includes two styles of tiles, backgrounds, and also items for filling levels.

2D Tileset Platform Game 3
Create a jungle setting game. Each item, tile and background are so detailed that it was impossible not to include this set in the list.

Platform Game Tileset 4: Abandoned Castle
If you are looking for something realistic, this set with graphics in the spirit of an abandoned castle is what you need. It includes beautifully drawn tiles, objects, and backgrounds.

Top-Down Roguelike Dungeon Crawl RPG Tileset
I like this dungeon style tileset. It is great for RPG or top-down adventure games. And vector assets are easy to edit, which allows you to create many unique levels.

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