The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 204 (May 15-21)

    The main novelties of this week are, of course, with I / O 2017. Kotlin has become the official language of Android development, the release of Android O, Google is turning into an AI-first company ... But the main thing, of course, is hidden “under the hood” - 100 sessions on various aspects of development. And besides them there is antifraud, Asian markets, design and much more.

    Kotlin vs. Java: compilation speed

    Many risks associated with the use of this wonderful language in Android projects have been removed. But relevant, especially for very large projects, such as Badoo, is the question of build speed. I was glad to find that there are already studies on this topic on the network, and I want to share a translation of one of them.

    How I moved from system administration to Android development

    If you are a beginner specialist and do not know where to start learning Android, or if you already have some knowledge in this topic and plan to get a job soon, then this material is for you. As planned, you will return to this article as you gain experience: look at what stage you are currently at and what to study further.

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    Devices and IoT

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