The meeting place cannot be changed, or LK is waiting for all Android developers to visit

    Kaspersky Lab, together with the MOSDROID community, is inviting all Android developers to a new meeting, which will be held May 20 in our Moscow office. Our mitap will be devoted to popular tools and the most pressing issues that are on the agenda of your workshop colleagues.

    Today, the field of mobile development for Android (the share of the OS on the market is already 87%, which means its presence on nine out of ten mobile devices) is more relevant than ever: some smartphone applications already completely replace analogs in the form of computer programs. And therefore, it's time to discuss this. By tradition, we have prepared three reports for you: this time we’ll talk about Groovy, Kotlin and Lint.

    Using Groovy in Android Development. Tools in application development are extremely important, because they affect the speed of creation and quality of products. In his talk, Sergey Boishtyan, an Android developer at Tinkoff Bank, introduces you to a tool like Groovy. Sergey will talk about its advantages, disadvantages and features of use for Android.

    Kotlin Performance on Android: Part 2 . Today, more and more applications use Kotlin as their primary programming language. In this regard, Alexander Smirnov, Head of Android at Splyt, will tell you about the cost of using Kotlin in Runtime, after which we will discuss together how to improve the current situation in terms of performance. You are waiting for the breakdown of engine optimizations, bytecode and benchmarks, which will show how much the given optimizations can speed up your code.

    Make Lint Great Again . It would be great if CodeReview paid attention only to global bugs, without plunging into the nuances - and thanks to Lint with its bunch of checks out of the box, this is possible. Together with Grigory Dzhanelidzhze, an Android developer of the Odnoklassniki social network, we will learn how to supplement Lint with our own checks, why it is needed at all, how to test and debug it all.

    We are waiting for everyone to talk about mobile development on May 20 at 18:00 at the headquarters of the Lab! You can register for the event at this link .

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