PHP Digest No. 145 (November 26 - December 10, 2018)

    Fresh selection with links to news and materials. In the release: PHP 7.3.0, Symfony 4.2, Composer 1.8.0 and other releases, the end of support for PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0, the latest offers from PHP Internals, a portion of useful tools, video recordings of reports and much more.
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    News and Releases

    • PHP 7.3.0 - The long-awaited major PHP release is delivered on schedule. Thanks to all contributors and release managers for the work done! The new version of the interpreter has a number of improvements:
      • Improved Heredoc and Nowdoc RFC syntax
      • Functions json_encode()and json_decode()will throw an exception in case of error and the corresponding RFC flag
      • Ability to use a comma after the last argument of the RFC function
      • Added functions array_key_first()and array_key_last()RFC
      • New function hrtime (), which returns high precision time and does not depend on the system time PR
      • A function has been added is_countable()to check for RFC enumeration
      • Using links in the list()RFC
      • Significant improvement in the garbage collector improves the work with a large number of PR objects
      • The regular expression engine has been updated to PCRE2 RFC
      A complete list of changes in the UPGRADING document .
      I highly recommend looking at the migration guide from PHP 7.2.x to PHP 7.3.x , thanks lex111 for the translation.
    • The world also saw updates to PHP 5.6.39 , PHP 7.0.33 , PHP 7.1.25 and PHP 7.2.13 . And these are the latest releases of branches 5.6 and 7.0 , and PHP 7.1 goes into security support mode . Thus, at present only branches of PHP 7.2 and PHP 7.3 remain relevant.
    • PHP on AWS Lambda - At the AWS re: Invent 2018 conference, among other things, support for custom runtimes for AWS Lambda was announced. PHP out of the box is supported through stackery / php-lambda-layer , but you can also make your own implementation. This means that instead of crutches in the form of launching through Nodejs or Go, now you can write full-fledged lambdas in pure PHP.
    • Composer 1.8.0
    • CakePHP 3.7.0
    • PHPUnit 7.5.0

    PHP internals

    • [RFC] FFI - Foreign Function Interface - The concept from Dmitry Stogov is now designed as a full-fledged offer. The implementation will make it possible to use functions and data structures from C-modules directly. As an example, look at PHP binding for TensorFlow . True, great opportunities also open up wide scope for potential problems and vulnerabilities, therefore, it is proposed by default to allow FFI only in CLI scripts and preloaded files.
    • [RFC] Covariant Returns and Contravariant Parameters - It is proposed to make the types more consistent, in particular, to allow "narrow" the type of the return value in the heirs, and "expand" the type of parameters.
      Hidden text
      interface X {
        function m(Y $z): X;
      interface Y extends X {
        // Тут можно будет сужать тип
        function m(X $z): Y;
      interface Concatable {
          function concat(Iterator $input); 
      class Collection implements Concatable {
          // А тут можно будет расширять тип
          function concat(iterable $input) {/* . . . */}


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