Tesla has patented vehicle positioning technology.

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    Tesla is engaged in the development and implementation of systems necessary for autonomous driving of vehicles, so-called. autopilot Currently, these systems are at an early stage of their development and require constant monitoring by the driver. For level 4-5 of autonomy, better algorithms of behavior and environmental recognition are needed, including using satellite navigation.

    This patent reveals the details of systems and methods that will help improve the positioning of the car on the road.

    This is how Tesla describes the prerequisites for developing this system.
    Many navigation satellites transmit multiple signals to the receiver, so that based on these signals, the receiver is able to determine its position with a certain accuracy. Some factors, such as satellite location, signal blocking, ionospheric disturbance, the state of the atmosphere, and others - affect the signal in such a way that the accuracy of the receiver location is reduced.

    For example, a smartphone with a built-in receiver can determine its location with an accuracy of 5 meters. Positioning accuracy may deteriorate when the device is in close proximity to buildings, bridges, trees, and other structures. And if the accuracy and quality of the signal may be sufficient for some applications, then a higher one is desirable for other applications, including autonomous driving. Accordingly, it is therefore necessary to ensure better positioning accuracy, despite various factors that degrade the quality of the signal from navigation satellites.
    Inventions are also disclosed that will improve positioning accuracy by determining and applying offsets (corrections) in various ways or by sharing raw positioning data between multiple devices, where at least one knows their location accurately enough for use in differential algorithms.

    Technology example:

    • Station Coordinate System (SSC), which transmits positioning data to the vehicle;
    • the station of the coordinate system, which calculates and distributes a set of parameters (offset / corrections) for various errors in receiving the signal associated with the atmosphere, orbit and clock;
    • A coordinate system station that transmits raw data from a satellite navigation system (CCH / GNSS) so that the vehicle can eliminate errors by calculating differences or other calculations.

    For example, the offset may be a positional offset, i.e., an actual offset, a satellite offset adjustment or multiple satellites, a vehicle offset generated by the raw data when the vehicle is not exchanging signals with the base station or under other conditions.

    Also such a station (SSC) can be another car that can receive, process and transmit data to other cars. That is, the system is constantly in search of the best data regarding the positioning of vehicles and stationary objects. Who has the least errors, that signal is taken as the best and already on its basis the coordinates of the current car are calculated.

    This results in some kind of satellite navigation on the earth without the participation of satellites. The simplest thing that comes to mind is trips to the tunnels. Because to receive a signal from a satellite through a layer of soil and concrete is practically useless.

    Schematic drawing of the integration of the vehicle in this system

    . This system also provides for the use of vehicles from other manufacturers, including vehicles with internal combustion engines, equipped with radars and lidars (which Musk does not recognize, and considers a dead-end branch of autopilot development).

    Currently, Tesla is using satellite navigation for autopilot in map navigation mode. However, such navigation will only determine the route and may select a lane for movement at a particular interchange. The autopilot itself is focused on markup. The current autopilot may not correctly assess the situation and recognize the wall or the precipice as a regular lane and just go straight, which can be fatal.

    Those who wish to read the full description of the patent can find it here .

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