Douglas Engelbart: Strengthening the "collective IQ" of society
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The complexity and urgency of issues facing humanity grow much faster than our ability to jointly understand and solve them. This is a very dangerous problem, but there are strategic actions that we can take collectively.

We introduce “collective IQ” as an indicator of the ability of a community to solve complex issues: understand them precisely, identify the best solutions, evaluate resources and operational capabilities, choose the right solution, effectively organize and monitor its execution, and quickly and accurately cope with unforeseen difficulties.

I argue that the strategy of "promoting the evolution" of the collective IQ of our communities is the best strategy.

Hypertext will be critical, and SIGWeb must be a leader.

“Collective IQ” is an assembly of collective abilities from the basic abilities of a person, such as sensation, perception, cognition, movement, etc.

Any significant collective ability is achieved by “enhancing” these basic human abilities by mastering them in practical application:

  • coordinated product and instrument systems (“Technical System”), and
  • dictionaries, agreements, roles, organizational structures, rules of conduct, ways of cooperation and education, etc. ("The Human System").

Together, the Technical and Human Systems form the "Amplifying System".

My hypothesis is that the ever more effective Dynamic repositories of knowledge (DPS) will play a central role in improving the “collective IQ” —in fact, the community’s ability to solve complex tasks — providing the best, timely understanding of the current state of both the problem and the effort. to solve it.

Specially trained teams will be involved, for example, to help develop an ongoing dialogue, adapt to relevant changes, control and strengthen the “structures of arguments” involved in finding consistency and trust, and so on. And also to ensure the correct correlation of the “representations” of the structure of knowledge in order to facilitate the learning process — perhaps by distinguishing the forms of representations for different categories of trainees.

We will adopt the “Improvement Community” (CC) as a team involved in strengthening a coherent set of individual or collective abilities - for example, the professional community. We will introduce a new category, “Network Improvement Community” (CAS): CC, which consciously and productively leads the optimal development and use of DCS.

To prepare for the implementation of the strategy, we established the “Union of Initial Setup” as “Meta SSS”, or the Network Improvement of the CAS Community, to jointly enhance the main ability of each SS to conduct its own capacity building activities.
Thus, we will support the launch of the first CCC, and we are quite sure that the best strategic formula for enhancing its main ability will be the improvement of the development and application of DCS.

There are many forms of the Amplifying System for which tempting prospects of development open up. The proposed strategy of “promoting evolution” could provide the best “form map” - what is happening in other communities using their own approaches to increasing their collective IQ.

Jointly supported by “DKhZ Forms” will provide each community with the best understanding of what is happening with other forms, allowing them to make their own decisions, in particular, on the direction of the next vital step in increasing collective IQ.

The same strategy of conducting “DZhZ forms” will also contribute to all other collective development processes within the framework of the CCC.

During the years of my struggle for this strategy, many potentially important innovations for the Technical and Human Systems, the discussion of which I hope to continue with the stakeholders taking this strategy. For example, my colleagues and I observe many interesting things in experimental student classes — inspirational results and potential “Educational CAS”.

Translation into Russian: A.Ye.Shevchenko, director of the ANO “Initiative of Social Creativity”,

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About the project "Engelbart"

The impossible task for the Engelbart project is to “reload the matrix”, “rebuild” the entire field of information technology, the Internet and computer hardware, taking into account all the errors of the first (current) version.

The next steps are translations and collecting key conceptual documents in one place and searching for like-minded people ( wake up, Neo! What you are looking for is also looking for you .) At gunpoint - Vannevar Bush, Joseph Liklider, Paul Oetle, Alan Key, Douglas Engelbart, Glushkov, Lebedev, Ershov, WikiPedia, Web Archive, Knol, Quora, Cybersyn, Xanadu, DARPA, IARPA.

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