Camunda BPM Meetup Raiffeisenbank UPD Broadcast Mitap

    On December 18, we invite you to the first open meeting of the Camunda BPM , which will be held at the Raiffeisenbank site in Nagatino.

    It is very important for us to form communities and share knowledge and experience both within the company and outside. That is why on a regular basis we hold open meetings in different directions. This time we open the doors and invite you to the first mitap of Camunda BPM. Within the framework of the mitap, we also want to create the Camunda BPM User Group chat, it is much easier to live with the chat, because then you have the opportunity to quickly ask colleagues something or just throw off an interesting article or meme. Want to chat? Then you here

    And now about the mitap. The program includes four events:

    Artyom Kuraev, Raiffeisenbank

    JUnit Process Testing

    How to organize BPM process testing in Camunda using JUnit

    Ruslan Gainutdinov, Futurice

    Microservice Orchestra using Zeebe and Kafka

    Using Zeebe from Camunda and Apache Kafka to organize microservice workflows in a hybrid API / event-based architecture.

    Alexander Trekhlebov, Promsvyazbank

    Launching a Camunda BPM system on a microservice architecture

    How to get away from the monolith when building industrial BPM systems. Distribution of processes on microservices, organization of interaction between processes

    Sergey Novikov, BPMteam

    CMMN. What is case management and how it is implemented in BPM Camunda

    What is case management and how to use it in Camunda

    The event starts at 19:00, we open the doors for guests at 18:30.

    To participate in the event you need to register .

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