Animating FirePhp in Firefox

Once, with a Firefox update, my favorite Firebug plugin was deactivated. The reason for this was the integration of Firebug into the Firefox console. All this is very good, except that my second favorite FirePHP plugin stopped working , they wrote about its capabilities here and here .

I was a little upset and already thought about remaking my projects for something new, but decided to look at the small FirePHP source code. And then it turned out that the new Firefox console supports the Chrome Logger protocol , so with minor changes I made my own version of FirePHP , which works by default in Firefox and Chrome, and of course using Composer .

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
FB::log('This FirePHP for Firefox 51+');
$myclass = new stdClass();
$myclass->first = "First";
$myclass->second = "Second";    



→ Download here

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