Pygest # 4. Releases, articles, interesting projects from the world of Python [February 14, 2017 - February 27, 2017]

    imageHello! This is the fourth issue of the Habrahabr digest about news from the world of Python. In today's release you will find interesting materials regarding Django, Python work, machine learning, and more. Send your relevant materials, as well as any comments and suggestions that will be added to the next digest.

    Now to the point!


    Django 1.11 beta1
    Beta version of one of the most popular Python frameworks (by the way, 1.11 is the latest version that supports Python 2)

    TensorFlow 1.0 The
    long-awaited stable major release of one of the most popular libraries used in machine learning.


    As I did the fastest image resizing. Part 0
    How I did the fastest resize images. Part 1, general optimizations
    A series of articles by homm about fast image resizing in Python and how it was done.

    Basic principles of machine learning using linear regression as an example
    A little about the basics of machine learning in Python from mephistopheies

    Create an InceptionV3 neural network for image recognition
    A good article on neurons for image recognition from bredd_owen

    Interesting Python features that you might not have guessed
    Great article from the sandbox from licoxe about some of the non-obviousness and features in Python.

    Language Basics. memoryview
    An excellent article that explains in simple terms what memoryview is and how to use it correctly.

    Django Web Framework by Mozilla
    An excellent Mozilla tutorial on programming using the Django Framework.

    Writing Clean Python With Namedtuples
    A short article on how to properly use namedtuples in your Python code.

    Algorithmic trading in less than 100 lines of Python code
    A good article on how to start using Python in financial systems.

    Contributing to Django Framework is easier than you think
    Great article on how to start contributing in Django (I advise everyone to start doing it right now!)

    Descriptors: The magic behind attribute access in Python A
    great note on how handles work in Python.

    How to Create and Deploy a Telegram Bot?
    A good article on how to create and run your Telegram bot using Python.

    Closures bind late
    A short note on how closures work in Python.

    Interesting projects

    This project will appeal to music lovers. A trained neural network will play a duet with you!

    Tool for analyzing the mood of tweets in real time.

    Ergonomica A
    cross-platform shell written in Python.

    Library for easy work with files and folders in Python.

    Django Behaviors
    A tool for easily integrating into Django behaviors such as Timestamps, Publishing, Authoring, Editing and others.


    Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python. Fall 2016
    A series of lectures from MIT for those who are just starting to get acquainted with Python programming and software development in general.

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