Errors in the preparation of USP

Unique selling proposition or UTP is the key concept of modern marketing. The fate of the brand depends precisely on how well-defined the uniqueness and value of the product. There are hundreds of tips on the Internet on how to prepare USP correctly and where to look for sources of inspiration. We will tell you about the most important thing - about the mistakes that can show your proposal from an unfavorable side.


Favorite mistake of every second customer: "the best, the highest, the widest, unique." Consumers are so tired of them that they don’t doubt that it is written “to be witty”. Tell me not “only we have the most delicious coffee”, but “only we have Brazilian coffee with a chocolate flavor” and will immediately want to try it.



Forget about the most obvious combinations: “fast delivery, low prices, quality service, experienced specialists”. Avoid long sentences, parasitic words, lists, lists - all this is not for UTP. Say that you have free delivery directly to the apartment, when buying from ..., with an additional guarantee of 2 years, etc. Remove the "water", it will not add to your product uniqueness.

False UTP

This common mistake is related to the fact that what is not a value is offered to the client as value. For example, the quality of the product, which he originally had (“only fresh coffee” - and others stale?), False facts (“brand of the year” - do you have a reward, what can you prove?), Services that are supposed to be performed by law ( “Refund within 2 weeks” - you must do it anyway).

Poor understanding of CA

Pretty often, companies create UTP based on personal experience. Remember - you are selling not to yourself, but to others. Sell ​​a diet for weight loss? Do not tell about the calories burned, which are not visible. Tell us about how to achieve an easy walk and a healthy toned skin in N days.


If the client hears “we” all the time, he realizes that his request is of no interest to anyone. Simply replace “we” with “you” to face the customer. Show that you can give to the client, not what good fellows you are.

Replacing the UTP with a share or slogan

A unique selling proposition is very often confused with a stock. Although there is a huge difference between them: the stock is temporary and can end at any time, but the USP should be the same, as it is a symbol of the brand.

  • "Free whitening in the treatment of caries" - this is the action;
  • "Always whiten teeth after treatment" - is already USP.

As for the slogan, it is rather an abbreviated UTP in the form of a simple and bright phrase.

  • "Always whiten teeth after treatment" - USP;
  • “Smile with health” is a slogan.

Too frank copying

Such a mistake is rare, but you should know about it. Some marketers are fond of studying a competitor so that they begin to copy their UTP. Even if you liked the offer of competitors, adapt it for yourself.

How to check the correctness of the UTP?

And at the end of a little life hacking to check your unique offer. Read it and answer the question: "So what?". If your answer was short, clear and contained an incentive to buy, you did an excellent job. If, after answering, you can again ask "So what?", Then you still need to work. And if after the second answer you can ask the question again, then the USP is no good.

Do not rush in the preparation of the UTP. After all, this pair of phrases is the face of your brand and it will be with him throughout his life!

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