9 ridiculous ways to open a .sketch file. And one is nothing like that

    So: you need to open the .sketch file created by Sketch. The one that is only on Macs.

    But Mac'a no. There is only Windows and this stupid .sketch file that someone sent. And this someone has a Mac. And you don’t. Windows only.

    And what to do? Buy a Mac? A little expensive. Can someone ask this to use Photoshop? No, this one is obsessed with Sketch. In general, the matter is a hat ... Or not?

    It's not that bad. 10 alternatives to buying a Mac - the most effective, most effective and legal (in almost all countries):

    1. Icons8 Lunacy

    Icons8 Lunacy App .sketch viewer for Windows

    Instructions: just an opener for Windows. Without any crutches. Download here.

    2. Avocode / Zeplin

    As well as Teamviewer or Zoom .
    Instructions: you have to make friends with Mac designers in each time zone. And it is better not to take the Far Eastern hectare then - this method needs good Internet.

    3. Violence

    Instructions: hunt down the hipsters. They often have Macs, and they themselves, as a rule, are weak and do not give change.

    4. Sex

    Instruction: gradually lower your standards. Your goal is ugly and rich.

    5. Patience

    Instruction: if you sit in Starbucks for a long time, maybe someone will ask you to look after the Mac when you go to the toilet.
    Your target audience is any girls. The larger the bag, the more time you have.

    6. More patience

    Instructions: Ask Sketch developers to add support for Windows.
    By the way, they have a very convenient FAQ:

    Sketchapp FAQ on Windows Support

    7. Dating sites

    Instruction: ignore faces in photos. Look for Macs.

    8. Hackintosh

    Instruction: live in countries with gentle legislation in the field of software.
    In principle, here we are almost lucky.

    9. Work

    Instructions: Before stealing a Mac from your employer, study the country's unemployment benefits. Recommended Norway.

    10. Money

    Instruction: if you really squeeze it, sell a couple of diamonds or old paintings. On Mac should be enough.

    And now seriously: we “hacked” the .sketch format and developed a program for opening it on Windows. Is free.

    Download distribution

    Two things we can say for sure:

    • it is very useful, there is even standalone to run from a flash drive
    • it is full of bugs (alpha version, release 0.000000000001)

    Yes, it opens most of the files as it should, just sometimes ... you may come across small shoals. So, we will be very grateful if you send us the problematic .sketch files.

    Send buggy .sketch to

    P.S. Today's article on Habré 4 rules of work in Sketch on large projects is delightful.

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