Zimbra Collaboration Suite as a worthy replacement for Microsoft Exchange

    In recent months, the media actively exaggerates information about the possible closure of Microsoft’s Russian office. It all started with the fact that the corporation stopped direct sales of licenses for its software, reorienting them to retail. Then, in the official digital distribution store, the prices were converted to dollars . Considering that only those companies that have an officially registered legal entity in Russia can conduct settlements in rubles, it can be a question not only of closing the Microsoft office in Russia, but also of a legal entity associated with it, and therefore of the potential impossibility of using the software from Microsoft in the public sector. And at least in his official commentsMicrosoft has promised that it will continue to work in Russia, the corporation for some reason did not specify in what legal status it will work, and what tasks to perform. Considering the political background in which events are unfolding, the current situation has led to uncertainty, and the most prudent IT managers have already begun to consider alternative solutions that can replace Microsoft software products.


    One of the key products that should start looking for a replacement in the first place, of course, is MS Exchange. If you use a collaboration and e-mail solution in the enterprise, then you probably know how much in today's business is tied to synchronized calendars, global address lists, online communication, video calling, and so on. The prospect that at one moment the legal use of the system of collaboration will become impossible, creates a serious threat to business and the normal functioning of a state institution. However, there is good news. Microsoft Exchange can be replaced by Zimbra Collaboration Suite Open-Source Edition - a free open-source solution.

    Today, Zimbra is one of the leading e-mail solutions that can provide not only the functionality of an e-mail server, but also calendar and collaboration. Due to the fact that Zimbra is undemanding to system resources and can be installed on any Linux distribution, it has gained great popularity all over the world. To date, the number of users of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite exceeds 500 million people, many of whom use Zimbra through SaaS providers. Daily users create hundreds of thousands of events in the calendar, send and receive terabytes of emails, and share files with each other. Zimbra helps its users to save not only money but also time - the only truly valuable and irreplaceable resource.

    But if Zimbra Collaboration Suite Open-Source Edition can be reproached with something, it is because it is of little use for use in real business conditions. All features in demand in this area, such as a real-time backup system, or data compression and deduplication systems, were carefully transferred by the developer to the commercial version of the product. In this case, not everyone will be satisfied with the high price and a large number of functions of the commercial version of Zimbra, which will not find application in real business conditions.

    For those who lack the functionality of the free version of Zimbra, and the opportunities provided by the commercial version seem redundant, the Italian company Zextras has developed the Zextras Suite package of modular extensions, which add only the most necessary functions to Zimbra Open-Source Edition .

    Thanks to Zextras Suite, the Zimbra Collaboration Suite can add an advanced backup system, disaster recovery, multi-tenancy support, delegation of administrator privileges, text and video chats, multi-level storage support, and data archiving and deduplication to save disk space. In addition, the Zextras Mobile extension will give you the ability to sync Zimbra with mobile devices, as well as add compatibility with Microsoft Outlook, which will be extremely useful for those who migrate to Zimbra with Exchange. This compatibility will allow email users to continue using the familiar program even after the migration is completed, which means

    The migration process from MS Exchange to Zimbra is quite simple. For these purposes, the ZCS Migration Wizard utility has been specifically developed that can transfer calendar data, mailboxes, and contact lists to Zimbra. Detailed instructions on its use can be found in one of our previous articles . In any case, we strongly recommend that you do not wait for the onset of force majeure and download the free Zimbra Collaboration Suite Open-Source Edition , as well as the trial version of Zextras Suite right now and personally check whether this solution is suitable for your business. As Lewis Carroll wrote, “you have to run as fast just to stay in the same place,” and today this phrase can be safely applied to the sphere of Russian IT.

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