Autumn mitaps on mobile development in the office

    The calendar is the beginning of December, which means it's time to take stock of the autumn mobile meetings that took place in our office. And exactly two of them passed: CocoaHeads on iOS development and Mosdroid on Android.

    Sit back, start with CocoaHeads

    Maxim Smirnov from our team told what refactoring really is and what it is not, and most importantly, how to approach this issue correctly. It turned out at the same time a simple but useful story, even for experienced developers. The bonus is demo refactoring.

    Konstantin Shakurov from SimbirSoft talked about what non-functional requirements are, and also examined the processes in which we comply with non-functional requirements.

    At GoogleIO, we discussed the new and improved gradle plugin. At this stage, alpha is already available, but there is no api description yet. I have experimented and want to tell you how dramatic changes are, why they have occurred and how this will affect the assembly and writing of plugins.

    API, data structures and database models are an integral part of any mobile client-server application. How to develop a project in harmony with colleagues with the backend? How to maintain up-to-date project documentation? How to efficiently drive data between client and server? How to protect data models from “researchers”?
    Easy! Use Protobuf!

    At the round table, team managers, together with HRs, discussed the details of recruiting, retaining, and also firing people. All that you wanted, but were afraid to ask :)

    That's all, come to visit the meeting on mobile development and not only;)

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