Cerebro - a free alternative to Alfred and Spotlight

    I want to show you my open-source project Cerebro - this is a free alternative to Alfred and Spotligth, which I started working on a few months ago and only recently achieved stability and cross-platform with which I am ready to show the product to a wide audience.

    (there will be many screenshots under the cut)

    What for?

    I set for myself several goals:

    • Make a free open-source analogue of Alfred and Spotlight;
    • It must be cross-platform;
    • Unlike many open-source projects, focus on good UI / UX and ease of use;
    • Fix what Alfred doesn't like: greater freedom for plugins (for example, displaying not only text, but also any other interface elements);
    • Fix what you don't like about Spotlight: customization, plugins, speed;
    • “Powerful hey, so that any JS developer can make a simple extension in 10 minutes, and users can find these plugins in one place.

    What happened

    As a result, using javascript and electron, I created an application that I use constantly. Out of the box, it can:

    • Search in google;
    • Search and run applications (only on MacOS so far);

    • Read and convert values

    • Navigate through the file system and show files

    • Translate from one language to another

    • Search on Google Maps


    A plugin is a simple npm module written in javascript. Basically, you can write a plugin in any other language just by wrapping your script call in js. Plugin creation documentation is available on the github .

    At the time of writing, 10 plugins are available that you can search for and install directly from the application:

    • Search the caniuse.com database

    • Search movies on IMDB

    • Search gifs on giphy.com

    • Search for suitable emoji

    • Search Contacts in OSx

    • Running shell-comand

    • System commands for OSx (screen saver, empty trash, restart)
    • Search the OSx built-in dictionary
    • Display external and internal IP address
    • Kill - to kill any process in the system


    I hope that you find something useful for yourself. In the comments I would like to hear feedback, suggestions, criticism. And I will be glad to pull requests and new plugins from developers!


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