Video Recordings of the MBLTdev 16 Mobile Developers Conference

    Hello, Habr! We opened for all-all-all access to video recordings of reports of the International Conference of Mobile Developers MBLTdev 16 :

    • reports on iOS and Android development,
    • Google Firebase Workshop
    • UX / UI track from teachers at the British Higher School of Design.

    All videos are posted on the MBLTdev website . English-language reports are available in the original and with simultaneous translation.

    Below we present the reports that scored the most votes from the conference participants, as the most useful and interesting.

    Who is whom SOLID.

    Sergey Krapivensky, Rambler & Co

    MVVM, VIPER, MVC - very different approaches to the design of the architecture of mobile applications. However, they are all built on the basis of much more fundamental principles - SOLID.

    Often the use of such large-scale patterns may not be justified enough, and following a set of simple and clear rules will be enough to write clean and maintainable code. It is easiest to learn from mistakes, so the whole presentation is built on the model “Violation of the principle → Discussion → Refactoring”. You will have a clear understanding of how SOLID principles are applied in standard iOS development tasks.

    Sync data using Realm

    Dmitry Obukhov, Realm

    A report on how to build applications on the Realm Mobile Platform and how to use it in existing applications. Let's consider various features and non-trivial scenarios with real examples.

    Thinking in swift

    Keith Moon, Just Eat

    It will help developers actively using Objective-C to comfortably switch to Swift 3. Keith will talk about the strengths of the language: about the type system, working with structures and classes, protocols and generics. It will teach you how to prevent common mistakes, and will show the features of testing.

    The importance of Motion Design in UI / UX

    Romaine reid

    Motion designer, entrepreneur, and novice developer Romain Reid at MBLTdev 16 talked about the importance of motion design in UX / UI. The Romaine portfolio includes projects for Nike, Disney, Google, LG, Samsung, Manchester United and other well-known brands.

    Visualize beyond the standard UIKit components

    Alexander Zimin, Uberchord

    Which way to look, how to achieve optimal implementation and choose a debugging method. Alexander will talk about how to get out of the situation when the designer wants, but none of the standard is suitable. The report is devoted to approaches to the implementation of visual components that are not provided for in the UIKit core set. The report will be accompanied by work in Xcode, real code examples and useful links.

    Life without fragments

    Evgeny Shishkin, Aviasales

    Google recommends using fragments to build a flexible UI. In cases where we need to optimize the interface for tablets or implement work with ViewPager, this is really the easiest solution. At the same time, integration of fragments is not such an easy task. Anyone who has ever seen a diagram of their life cycle understands the seriousness of what has been said. Potential memory leaks, complex APIs and bugs (the number of questions on StackOverflow exceeds 100,000). And all this does not seem such a good decision. Let's discuss what alternatives are.

    Mobile Application Performance Testing

    Alexey Lavrenyuk, Yandex

    “I’ll tell you how we measure the performance of mobile applications in Yandex: what metrics and how we collect, how we run test cases, how our reports look. And there will also be a great story about how we drilled the iPhone in order to measure the current consumption from the battery, ”says Alexey.

    How to manage remote IoT devices

    Eugene Mirotin,

    About problems of remote monitoring and updates of IoT devices. Eugene will show an example of a device that is controlled via the Internet, will explain how you can add new functionality and remotely send an update to the device.

    These and other reports are available on the official MBLTdev website .

    See you at MBLTdev 17!

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