How to facilitate learning English: 5 useful services

    Hi, Habr! In the past couple of years I have been interested in learning English and periodically try various new services. In today's topic, I will share a list of five new applications and sites that help improve oral communication skills, expand vocabulary, learn grammar and improve the quality of written English.


    This is an automated assistant that shows errors in the English text and gives hints for correcting them. The service is able to correct mistakes in punctuation, grammar, and also points to stylistic flaws.

    In addition, Textly finds incorrectly used words in the text (“false friends of a translator”) and shows advanced statistics on readability, complexity, and other text parameters.


    Applications like Memrise are useful for learning new words, Textly helps to correct mistakes in written text, and Lingbe focuses on the development of speaking skills. This application has its own community of users who help others learn their native language.

    Users find people interesting to them, and then they talk on the phone and practice communicating. In this case, the minutes of talking with a native speaker for learning can be earned only by talking in your own language with someone who wants to learn it.


    The italki platform is something like eBay for learning English. It contains teachers of various languages ​​from all over the world who can offer their services and set the price per hour - it can be as little as a couple of dollars, which is much lower than in any online school. Based on feedback from students, the reputation of each teacher is formed.

    In addition, the platform allows you to find similar students nearby to practice for more effective learning. It is also possible to use the “collective mind” and ask community members to look at your essays written in preparation for homework.


    An application whose main focus is learning new words. Memrise uses a specialized mnemonic technique to memorize words (elaborate encoding). Its essence is that instead of learning how words are written and translated, memorization goes through the creation of an association of translation of foreign words with those that are already familiar to the student.

    Users can add their own mnemonic associations with different words. This allows you to choose exactly those associations that are suitable for a specific user. There is a service version in Russian.

    Hello English

    An application whose main goal is to speed up the learning process and expand vocabulary. The program contains a large base of educational materials in text, audio and video formats, in addition, interactive games are used to learn new material. A definite plus - the application works offline without an internet connection.

    The student receives assignments every day, which encourages him not to abandon training. Initially, the project was designed for users from Asia, but has recently become known in other regions.

    And what useful services for learning English do you know? Leave links in the comments - we will collect all the tools in one place.

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