Where to move with Parse Push?

    The Parse service, which made it possible, among other things, to easily program the sending of push notifications, closes on January 28 ; 8 days left. It's time to move (this is a joke, in fact it was necessary to move for a long time).

    We know two good replacement services:

    1. Amazon Simple Notification Service (AWS SNS) . The first million pushes per month is free, then no more than $ 1 for every million devices that receive the message (there’s a tricky scheme , omit for brevity). You can create an unlimited number of broadcast channels with an unlimited number of subscribers and watch the number of subscribers in the channels. And all this without a backend! It is easy to export and import APNS and GCM tokens, all certificates are your own. By the way, AWS supports not only Google and Apple, but also Windows, Baidu and many others, it can send SMS (only in America) and letters (cheaper than anyone on the market). Most importantly, you control the entire payload that leaves the push provider, so you have access to the most fashionable innovations from Apple and Google. Documentation: push overview in SNS ,a high-level scheme of what you need to do to send a message. Minus - you have to write code for mobile applications that sends tokens to the Amazon API. There is a scheme and pseudo-code , but a mistake in implementation, as you understand, will be very expensive.

    2. Firebase Cloud Messaging from Google . Free. Unlimited channels with unlimited subscribers. Cons: there is no full control over payload - only those platform features that Google implements are available. You can’t see the number of subscribers in the channel and there is no export of tokens from the server (there is import). But there is a fat plus: automatic token management - just turn on the library for iOS or Android and it starts to work.

    Comparison in the table:

    Also popular now: