Welcome to Waves Blockchain Hackathon

    Waves Platform is one of the world's largest blockchain platforms, it is one of the top twenty blockchain companies in the world. In December, Waves holds a hackathon for developers: we invite you to get acquainted with the ecosystem of products, the project team and join the blockchain community.

    Three days from December 14 to 16 at the Digital October site in Moscow, the hackathon of the blockchain will be held. Participants will be able to:

    • solve problems and offer their blockchain solutions,
    • visit workshops and work with the smart contracts Waves and Waves DEX,
    • Meet the Waves team, chat with the jury and the moderators of the hackathon,
    • Get prizes and relax at the final party.

    In the hackathon, you can take part both with the team and individually. To participate, you need knowledge of Scala (preferably knowledge of Akka, Netty, MVStore, Cats, Monix), JS (React, Angular) or Python and complete an introductory task. The winners of each of the four tracks of the hakaton will receive prizes.

    During the hackathon, several workshops from Waves will be held:

    • blockchain basics;
    • smart technologies: contracts, accounts, assets;
    • Gaming Workshop. Developing video games using smart contracts.

    Hackathon jury

    • Founder and CEO of the Waves Platform and Vostok project Alexander Ivanov.
    • Developer Advocate Waves Inal Kardanov.
    • Waves smart contract development department Ilya Smagin.
    • Blockchain Engineer, Head of Gaming Waves, Yury Naidenov.

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    → Registration for Waves Hackathon is available here.

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