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Below is a compilation of universal values ​​and religious postulates with the use of systematization skills and, in part, programming. It can be considered targets, dogmas, covenants, a set of rules, the terminology is indifferent to me. This should unite people not on a national / territorial basis, but on the level of intelligence. I wrote this for myself and for my son. We will live like this.

I am a thirty-year design engineer, designing and supplying factories and complete lines. On duty, I often wander around Russia, go abroad, I have the opportunity to chat with different people. Behind MSTU and a couple is the top three manufacturing firms.

I haven’t been drinking liquids for a year now. No way and under no pretext. And, unfortunately, I am beginning to realize what is happening with my country. Almost through tears. Tears of an adult, strong man, head of the family. Tears of fear for the future of their children. I turn to the IT community as one of the most progressive - you are people close to me in spirit, I still don’t know where else to write.

Natural population growth, 2010 Wiki. As of 2016, in Russia - 0%


Classical religions - Abrahamic (Judaism / Christianity / Islam - are arranged in the order of appearance), Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, etc. over the course of their many years of history have overgrown with a bunch of conventions and frank inconveniences (hello, Shabbat). I do not propose a new religion "for advanced", I do not propose to abandon the existing religion. Rather, it is a set of rules - an add-on conditioned by logic and multiplied by humanity.

To begin with, imitating a decent confessor, I promise eternal life to everyone. According to one of the formulations of the first law of thermodynamics:

"In any isolated system, the energy supply remains constant." For simplicity, we will consider the universe as a closed system. Any human being has a biofield - a combination of electrochemical, thermodynamic and information processes. It is logical to assume that after death, energy does not disappear, but passes into a different state. I am also inclined to believe (this is mysticism, rationals - scold) that the energy of a person with positive karma is less prone to entropy than a person with zero or negative. Since the latter indulges in the low-lying properties of man - his instinctive / bestial principle (chaos), but not his intellect (anti-entropic, ordering process).

Well, without any mysticism - we are immortal at the expense of children and procreation. With the possibility of partial correction of their own shortcomings.


1. Develop critical thinking no matter what you do.
Any information of interest should be comprehended in a critical manner and begin with the question "who benefits?" Do not read the "Truth" before dinner, do not watch television. On the Internet, libraries and the heads of those around, a lot of useful and interesting.

2. Do not climb into someone else's field.
If you’ve been preparing for the confrontation in the ring all your life, you don’t need to enter into an intellectual skirmish, the interlocutor will roll you over. If you are an intellectual, do not get into a fight, this is not your path.

Strong independent women are unnatural and stupid, nature will take its toll at the most inopportune moment, when it will be too late. Hyperfeminism is an excellent contraceptive. Women, by nature you have been given the gift of controlling a man, educate a genius. Feminine men are cute ()))), but unnatural. Both types are a dead end of evolution, doomed to extinction and eternal oblivion. In addition, it is much easier to realize going with the flow than against it.

3. Help each other if the cost of resources is minimal.
Humanism is the greatest achievement of collective evolution, civilization owes this quality. The artificial cultivation of individualists is an attempt to split society, break it into pieces and turn it into a flock of sheep.

Do not regret it. Pity is shameful for each side. There is an opportunity to help - help spiritually. Do not serve. Do not help someone who does not need your help.

Never give anything for nothing, it’s better to help morally, spiritually. No loans, only real emergency assistance to a person in need. Give a man a fishing rod, do not give a fish. You will not help the fool.

4. Stop drinking and drugs - they dull and deprive motivation.
Advocate these dogmas wherever possible, pull out from the mud those who are still possible.

5. Allocate one full day a week for self-contemplation and three for physical training for at least 43 minutes (you can limit yourself to push-ups, squats, girls - add in the comments on your part).
Good must be with fists. Any constant action disciplines, and discipline is the curbing of the inner beast / devil / lucifer, this is the internal order and the decrease in the entropy of karma. Do not indulge a capricious child in yourself. Be closer to nature, it charges. Take a walk - for the Russian and Belarus - the forest and the field, for the Ukrainian - the steppe, for the Caucasus - the mountains, for the Yakut - the tundra, for the Evenk - the taiga and the sea ... Take strength from nature.

6. Cleanse karma, inner conscience.
You must be satisfied with yourself. Try to follow universal values, and not atone for sins in the temple / synagogue / mosque. This is our firmware. And for the Ethiopian and for the Chinese and for the German, all these values ​​are one.
Do not engage in reflection, but analyze actions and draw conclusions. Making mistakes and learning from them is our mission.

7. If work occupies more than 60% of the temporary resources of your life - drop it, it is slavery.
Any, including your favorite work in this mode turns a person into a zombie. Look for opportunities and develop your strengths. Analyze yourself and the world around. If your goal is to earn, you will always achieve this. Money as an end in itself never brings inner satisfaction. Believe me, as a specialist who communicates with top executives of enterprises, the wealthy in the mass are deeply unhappy, notorious and dissatisfied people.

8. Improve yourself. Change doctrines and postulates throughout life, with the acquisition of new experience.
This is not moral prostitution, but flexibility and multitasking. Growing as you gain experience.

11. Stop playing adult toys and material values.
Brand cars, watches, expensive cosmetics and clothes - these are stupefying means and false values. A culture of consumption, artificially imposed from the outside.

12. Learn to cook, take it for granted and get used to it.
My main focus is the food industry. We are fed and watered with rubbish and garbage under the guise of food / drink.

13. Give birth to children no matter what.
Each family should have at least three children. Try to instill in them these dogmas from birth. Expensive maintenance of children is a myth. Immortality in children is a reality. You have the opportunity to recreate yourself from scratch, rooting out the flaws. Do not take away immortality.

14. In every possible way condemn and destroy the free sex market, in a word, deed - this is a birth control pill for morons.
Men - despise women of easy virtue, women - organize a family with a person who is ready to take the burden of responsibility. Prostitutes, majors, thieves and infantiles are doomed to extinction. Dead end branch of evolution. Self-destruction by drugs and frantic pokatushki from idleness lead to the grave.

15. Forget about racial hatred and nationalism - this is weakness, it is unworthy of a real man and a real woman.
Russian, Ukrainian, Tatar, Buryat, Chechen, Ingush, Kabardian and Balkarian are my brothers. Muslim, Zoroastrian, Christian, Jew, Buddhist are my brothers.
IF they are smart. IF they’re not a dumb propaganda flock.
From every religion, every nation it is necessary to take the best - from a Jew - cunning, from a Caucasian - pride, from a Buryat - perseverance. Think. Analyze. Our strength is in our unity.

16. Avenge insults.
It's in our blood, there's no getting around it. “Turn the other cheek” - a lie and mass manipulation.

17. Learn Russian. And ideally, one - two foreign.
This is a powerful tool that has absorbed the wisdom of the whole world. Anyone who knows the language does not need a knife or a gun.

19. Study the history of all the peoples of Russia, and, if possible, the world.
Analyze. Get rid of the imposed myths - Russian lazy drunkards, Caucasians are stupid, Gypsies are thieving. Russia is a family, we are all book people, people of writing. Abstain from myths, look at actions. Believe the eyes, not the rumors

20. Despise idle life and meaningless toys.
Hedonism is the path to self-destruction. If you buy a car as a means of luxury - you are stupid, nothing will help you. Pontus is a means of weaning excess resources.

21. Any man must be able to build a house, and a woman to raise offspring.
Do not buy or hire a tutor, but on your own, at least at the level of a hut. The rest are parasites, they are doomed.

22. Do not be afraid to enter interethnic marriages.
A variety of DNA and worldviews is our strength. Artificial limitations are a path to degeneration.

23. Do not be afraid of anyone.
If the truth and the mind are yours, you will always calm the raging guests of the mountains or the drunken youth with a word. Learn from Caucasians pride and the principle of one for all. Tell the wise Jew that you respect him and heed the centuries-old wisdom of the ancient people. Talk to a Buddhist - he will teach you strength of mind.

24. Deceive if it promotes dogma, but avoid petty lies.

25. Educate yourself as soon as you have the opportunity.
Torah + Talmud / Bible / Quran (in my inexperienced view - variations of the Old Testament)
Golden rule of morality, ten commandments of the Abrahamic religions, yama and niyama, ten rules of Taoism, Busido, Nohchalla, any code of ethics and moral rules.
Zen, meditative practices.
Read Marx, Kara-Murzu, Pelevin, Arab and Jewish sages - this is the experience of millennia.
Be interested in hypnosis, the placebo effect, the art of managing your own body and other people.

25. Think. Analyze. Be fruitful and multiply. You will be invincible. You will live forever.


To moderators - I’m rehabilitating myself in a series of articles “How to Collect RPG from Matches and Acorns”.

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