Post about the most important thing

    There is very little left ... In just a week or two, everything around will plunge into the atmosphere of celebration, and the pre-holiday thrill familiar from childhood will envelop the streets of all cities of the country.

    And on the eve of New Year's adventures, we would like to say about one very important thing.

    For our company, New Year and Christmas are by far the most important holidays. After all, they are considered to be truly family, and Huawei is nothing more than a huge family.

    And we would really like you to dedicate the upcoming holidays to your loved ones. Put things aside and take the time to the most important thing!

    Everything that we produce, whether communication equipment or smartphones, we do for one purpose only - to make people closer to each other, so that, regardless of any distance, you and your loved ones are close.

    Huawei products do not rest: 365 days a year, our smartphones continuously control the flow of your information, sending and receiving signals around the planet, and communication channels ensure reliable transmission.

    But on the eve of the New Year, we have a huge request to you. Give your smartphone a day off. Put it aside, for one day, only once a year, and spend this day with people close to you! They deserve your attention much more.

    Take your eyes off the screen so you don't miss the magic! No matter how good your laptop or mobile phone is, the most amazing things happen outside of it. And our video is proof of that!

    Are you ready for miracles?

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