Alexander Belokrylov and Dmitry Chuiko on Liberica JDK on

    February 14, 2019 Alexander Belokrylov and Dmitry Chuyko from BellSoft told about the features of the development of the Liberica JDK distribution kit at the first meeting of the Moscow community of Java developers this year .

    About speakers

    Both speakers are BellSoft employees (Alexander is also the CEO of the company ). Company BellSoft founded in 2017 by engineers Java-Petersburg company's development center the Oracle . The flagship product is Liberica JDK , a distribution based on Open JDK , a unique feature of which is support for ARM architecture . In addition to viewing reports in more detail about the company's developments, you can read the article by Java on Arm Processors by Alexey Voitylov in the recent issue of Java Magazine .

    Alexander and Dmitri speak on jug.msk.rufor the second time - Alexander had previously made a report on January 30, 2014 , Dmitry - on May 22, 2017 .

    Alexander has worked in both Sun Microsystems and Oracle . Working in the Oracle , engaged in the organization of conferences, including Java Day and JavaOne Russia and greatly influenced the creation of .

    Some reports of Alexander at conferences in chronological order:

    • "Prospects for the development of Java technologies" ( Autumn GeekFest 2010 : video part 1 and part 2 )
    • “Java: evolution is inevitable” ( Java Day Minsk 2013 : video )
    • “Java Embedded in your home” (with Alexander Mironenko) ( Joker 2013 : presentation , video )
    • “Java Embedded in your home” (with Alexander Mironenko) ( JPoint 2014 : video )
    • Meet Java 8 ( SouthCamp 2014 : video )
    • “A full Java runtime, 256Kb RAM and 5 liters of beer” (c Alexander Mironenko) ( : video )
    • “Things on the Internet: dragging cloud services to brainless hardware ” (with Alexander Mironenko) ( Joker 2015 : presentation , video )
    • “11 Friends of the Internet of Things” (with Alexander Mironenko) ( JPoint 2016 : presentation , video )
    • "Diving into the Internet of Things with Java 9" ( JPoint 2018 : presentation , video )
    • “Honey, let's try ARM? Theory, applications and workloads ”(with Alexei Woytylov) ( Joker 2018 : presentation , video available so far only to conference participants)

    Other links: Twitter , GitHub .

    Some of the new reports of Dmitry (reports before May 22, 2017 are listed in this review ) in chronological order:

    • "The organization of multithreading on the subscription model in Java 9" ( JUG.EKB-2017 : video )
    • “Compile ahead of time. It's fine? "(Russian version) ( JEEConf 2017 : video )
    • “Compile ahead of time. It's fine? ”(English version) ( GeeCON 2017 : video )
    • "Checksums that bite Java developers" ( JDK IO 2018 : video )

    Other links: Twitter , GitHub .

    About reports

    Andrei Kogun recalls the upcoming JPoint 2019 conference , presents the speakers and starts the meeting In the first part of the meeting, Alexander told (illustrating with a presentation ) about the history of the creation of BellSoft , the contribution of its employees to the creation of the Open JDK , the background and features of the Liberica JDK distribution . Together with Dmitry, both of them answered a lot of questions from the audience, adding slides to another presentation . After the break, Dmitry continued to demonstrate the functionality of Java 11 for the container environment with specific examples of Docker images with Liberica JDK 11.

    . The final version of the report, including slides, will be shown after a month and a half at the JPoint conference . Due to lack of time “Honey, let's try ARM? Theory, Applications and Workloads ”was shown in a shorter form. The hourly version performed by Alexander Belokrylov and Alexei Voytylov can be viewed in the recordings from Joker 2018 (links to the report were given above). The first , second and third presentations. The video will also appear soon (see links below). Links on :

    • TimePad - announcements of meetings and registration for them, a subscription to the notification by mail about meetings
    • YouTube - video reports
    • Speaker Deck - presentations
    • VK - meeting announcements, photo reports, links to past meeting materials
    • Twitter : account (announcements of meetings, photo reports, video) and hashtag (tweets with comments about meetings)
    • Habr - reviews of meetings, you can find all the reviews by tag

    February 18, 2019 at 11:00 and February 21, 2019 at 17:00 , BellSoft will hold a free webinar on “How to use Java in the enterprise, keep the runtime safe and not get into the license trap?”, Read more and register here .

    On April 5-6, 2019, the JPoint Java-conference will be held in Moscow , at which Dmitry Chuyko will present a report on Java in a container environment . Conference tickets are still available for purchase .

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